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Atlantis is a pioneer in the marine power sector. Over the past 5 years, we have elevated tidal power generation from R&D status to commercial reality through the application of strict financial discipline and engineering rigour. Atlantis aspires to catalyse the wide scale adoption of marine power as a viable asset class through the installation of the first 100MW array where we must ensure on time, on budget turn-key delivery to the client.

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King`s Scholars` House - Third Floor 230 Vauxhall Bridge Rd , Victoria , London SW1V 1AU United Kingdom
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Hydro Power
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Globally (various continents)

Atlantis is a tidal power generation company involved in the development of tidal power projects globally and the supply of tidal power generation, fixation and subsea power evacuation equipment.  Atlantis has initiated and developed tidal energy projects at greenfield sites around the world through its involvement in shaping national and regional policy, attracting commercial sponsors and securing consents and permits for construction on valuable areas of seabed in the UK, India and Canada. 

Atlantis is the majority owner of the largest fully consented tidal stream project in Europe, MeyGen, and owns patented technologies covering power generation, turbine deployment and turbine operation and control.  The combination of Atlantis’ technology and successful track record in project origination and development has created a unique commercial force in the marine power industry, able to develop and manage commercial-scale, marine renewable energy projects globally.

Atlantis was incorporated in Singapore in 2005 and was successfully listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange through depositary interests in February 2014.  Atlantis remains a Singapore headquartered company, but has its principal project and operations office in Edinburgh, a design office in Bristol, and a corporate office in London.

Atlantis is striving to become the world’s leading developer of commercial scale tidal power projects and the technologies required to economically deliver tidal current power to the grid for sale and dispatch.

For more than a decade, Atlantis has pioneered the development of tidal current power as a predictable source of reliable, economic and secure renewable energy.

To achieve this aspiration, Atlantis has identified key markets in which it will:
to solve industry challenges
marine power projects that are properly conceived, are investable and profitable
partner with local companies who are able to facilitate the deployment of commercial-scale installations of Atlantis’ tidal current technology
investment with its partners into marine power projects globally to catalyse the growth of tidal power as an asset class

Atlantis owns patented technologies covering power generation, turbine deployment and turbine operation and control. The combination of our technology and our track record in successful project origination and development, has created what we believe to be a uniquely commercial force in the marine power industry, able to develop and manage commercial-scale, marine power renewable energy projects globally.

For more than a decade, Atlantis has been actively involved in the commercialisation of tidal power technology and the development of tidal power projects around the world.

The Atlantis story has its genesis in Australia, where the early years of the company were spent developing tidal current turbine prototype designs and concepts.  Scaled testing commenced in 2002 and by September 2006, after multiple iterations and some of the largest ocean based tow-testing programmes ever conducted at the time, Atlantis assembled and installed a 100kW Aquanator™ device, becoming one of the first companies in the world to successfully connect a tidal current turbine to grid at our dedicated test facility in San Remo, Victoria, Australia.  The Aquanator™ system at San Remo provided valuable real world testing capability for our R&D, installation and commissioning teams.

In 2006, Atlantis established operations in Singapore, attracted by high quality R&D capabilities, as well as the integrity of the intellectual property protection laws.

As power began flowing into the grid at San Remo, Atlantis accelerated its R&D efforts.  This led to the development of the AN series tidal power system.  Instead of building scaled models or relying solely on CFD analysis and computational simulations, Atlantis took the decision to carry out tow testing the 150kW 30 tonne Nereus™ device in the open ocean.  The first tow test took place in Victoria, Australia in December 2007 and the results of this testing regime were independently verified by Black & Veatch.

In May 2008, the Aquanator™ turbine was removed and the San Remo site was decommissioned to allow for installation of a replacement system.  The 150kW Nereus™, now known as the AN150 tidal current turbine, was installed and commissioned at the site in May 2008.

In July 2008 we produced an upgraded version of the AN150 which we again demonstrated through tow testing, breaking our previous power output records and demonstrating an increase in water-to-wire efficiency.

In 2008, Atlantis unveiled its first AS series turbine, then known as Solon.  The AS140 was tow tested in Singapore and Australia and was independently verified as a market leading device in efficiency terms. 

Also in 2008, Atlantis opened an office in London to focus on growing our origination and project management business arms in UK and European waters.  By 2009, we had outgrown our project office and opened an additional London office close by.

In 2010, Atlantis was part of a consortium awarded the development rights for the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth by The Crown Estate.  This site is home to the MeyGen project, which we believe to be the largest planned tidal stream project in the world.  In 2010, Atlantis also commenced its testing operations at the EMEC facility in Scotland.

In 2011, an Atlantis led consortium which included Lockheed Martin Corporation and Irving Shipbuilding secured a berth at the FORCE tidal turbine testing facility in Nova Scotia and, later in the same year, Atlantis was also awarded the ETI TEC contract to conduct industry led research into rapid cost of energy reduction for the tidal power sector.  In August the AR1000 was successfully deployed at the EMEC facility and was subsequently connected to grid for the first time.

In 2012, Atlantis signed strategic agreements with CECEP and Dongfang Electric Machinery Company Ltd for the development of tidal current power in China and became the first tidal power developer to successfully complete turbine testing at the new NaREC tidal turbine testing facility in Blyth, UK.

During 2013, Atlantis continued the development of its next generation of variable pitch tidal turbine system whilst successfully completing Phase 1 of the ETI TEC programme.  In October Atlantis became the 100% owner of MeyGen, shortly after it was confirmed that the project had been awarded its final regulatory consents, become the largest fully consented tidal project in Europe.

In 2014, Atlantis became the first tidal power company to successfully complete an IPO on the London AIM exchange and commenced trading as a public company in March 2014 using the ticker ARL:LN. In September 2014, Atlantis achieved another significant industry milestone, successfully completing the £51.3m financial close of Phase 1A of the MeyGen project. Atlantis was also awarded a £7.5m contract to deliver Phase 2 of the ETI StreamTec project and significant progress was made with technology partners Lockheed Martin on the development of the 1.5 megawatt AR1500 tidal turbine system. In late 2014, Atlantis signed a lease for a berth at the FORCE facility in Nova Scotia, Canada and was awarded a fed in tariff of C$530/MWhr for 4.5megawatts of installed capacity. Construction of the MeyGen project then commenced just prior to Christmas in late 2014.

The Atlantis Turbine Division designs, tests and sells tidal turbine generation systems, power evacuation equipment, fixation systems and deployment platforms to project developers globally. From 100kW demonstration projects to multi-hundred megawatt arrays, Atlantis Turbines can provide project developers with fully integrated system solutions.

Atlantis has achieved a series of significant technical milestones in successfully harnessing the power of tidal currents, and is pioneering the development of commercial-scale, tidal current generation arrays as well as leading industry supported R&D efforts through programmes such as the Energy Technologies Institute TEC system demonstrator.

Over the past decade, Atlantis has developed three families of turbines for application in open ocean, near shore shallow water and run-of-river environments. Atlantis has conducted extensive testing, including sea trials at our facilities in Australia and at the European Marine Energy Centre in the UK, tow testing programmes in Australia and Singapore and bench testing of our AR1000 turbine at the new NarREC facility in Blyth in the UK. 

Building on ten years of design and testing history, Atlantis teamed up with Lockheed Martin Corporation during 2014 to complete the design of its biggest turbine yet, the 1.5MW AR1500. The first AR1500 system is due to be installed as part of MeyGen Phase 1A in early 2016.

Atlantis has a team of scientists, engineers and project managers jointly engaged in the development of existing and origination of new tidal current energy generation projects around the world.

Atlantis is recognised as a leader in the tidal power sector, where it continues to lead initiatives for multi-turbine array development and cost reduction. In parallel with its technology advancement, Atlantis has initiated and developed tidal energy projects at greenfield sites around the world through its involvement in shaping national and regional policy, attracting commercial sponsors and securing consents and permits for construction of tidal energy projects on attractive areas of seabed in the UK, India and Canada. This project development focus was sharpened by the acquisition in 2009 of Current Resources Ltd, Morgan Stanley’s marine power origination arm. As a result of these activities, we are at the forefront of the tidal power industry in having created our own pipeline of potential projects for our turbines. As each matures beyond the small scale proof of feasibility and the consent stage, we expect to attract investors and potential acquirers to complete construction of the large scale arrays.  We seek to partner with utilities and private sector investors to co-develop tidal power projects but we are not, ourselves, an operator.

Our project development team is based in Edinburgh the United Kingdom and this is the team that been involved in the development of the MeyGen project from a greenfield site through to a fully permitted project, including design, grid connection and environmental consenting.  The team continues to identify resource rich locations in which to replicate this process across the UK, continental Eurpoe, North America and Asia.

The Atlantis project development team is able to provide early stage assistance with site-selection and resource characterisation as well as services relating to concept studies, feasibility analysis, grid connection and code compliance, installation management, operations and maintenance planning and array design.

Our project development team has a local focus with a global remit, looking to share best practice from our projects globally. We look to support local companies throughout the supply chain where possible, as there is no substitute for local knowledge.