Southern Methodist Univeristy Geothermal Laboratory

Southern Methodist Univeristy Geothermal Laboratory

Southern Methodist Univeristy Geothermal Laboratory

The SMU Geothermal Lab hosts a conference dedicated to Geothermal Energy and Waste Heat to Power: Utilizing Oil and Gas Plays, the next one is in March 2013. Join us in learning about state-of-the-art technology, discuss surface equipment and deep resources, while partnering with others in the US and abroad who are interested in developing sedimentary basins into a total energy solution. The Laboratory supplies vital information on the renewable energy source tapped from the Earth`s internal heat. In over 42 continuous years as a center of excellence, SMU`s Geothermal Laboratory has been awarded over $9M from the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the Texas State Energy Office, and others, to research this source of clean renewable energy.

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3225 Daniel Ave., Heroy Hall Room 235 , Dallas , Texas 75205 USA
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Geothermal Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our expertise includes:

  • Academic research by faculty, staff, and students;
  • Data integration into Geothermal Maps such as the Geothermal Map of North America;
  • Research projects, such as the National Geothermal Data System, the Enhanced Geothermal Potential of the Cascades, the Geothermal Synthesis of Dixie Valley, Nevada, the ability to use temperature logs for climate change; and the stability of methane hydrates along continental shelves;
  • Well logging with high precision Temperature-Depth measurements
  • Sample analysis of Thermal Conductivity measurement for commercial clients;

The Lab assists the public through:

  • Hosting of a Geothermal Energy Utilization conference;
  • Teacher and student educational classroom materials;
  • A monthly newsletter on the geothermal, oil/gas, and energy industries, along with general information for the public on events, funding, and research opportunities;
  • News articles and press releases;
  • Suggested publications and papers for those interested in learning more.