SSS Clutch Company Inc.

SSS Clutch Company Inc.

SSS Clutch Company Inc.

SSS is the world`s leading supplier of automatic overrunning clutches for high power/high speed applications in power generation, marine propulsion and general industrial plant. The powers transmitted by SSS Clutches currently range from a few hundred kW to 300,000 kW. The operating principle of the SSS Clutch ensures that it is intrinsically reliable. Since its formation more than 40 years ago SSS has concentrated solely on the marketing, development and production of SSS Clutches, primarily for high power and high speed applications. The Company has not sought to expand into other fields, preferring to perfect a single product for diverse but exacting markets. A flexible approach to design coupled with a deep interest in application engineering have made the SSS Clutch the pre-eminent device of its type.

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610 West Basin Road , New Castle , Delaware 19720 USA
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Power Distribution
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Globally (various continents)
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  • The highest power SSS Clutch yet produced transmits 300MW at 3000rpm.
  • The highest torque SSS Clutch yet produced transmits 4MNm at 600rpm.
  • In both cases these clutches have been in operation for over 20 years.

It is a deliberate policy of SSS to keep the number of employees to a minimum so that Senior Management are able to be directly involved in all aspects of the product at every stage from application engineering and design, through inspection, assembly, testing, and, where required, commissioning.

An important aspect of this drive to remain a compact organisation is the decision, made at the foundation of the Company, to subcontract all manufacturing work. This allows SSS to select suppliers on the basis of their efficiency, capability and cost effectiveness, consistent with their ability to meet the Company’s high quality standards. In addition, the substantial management time which can be absorbed by single source “in house” manufacture is avoided.

These policies enable SSS to provide a high quality product at a competitive price, supported by quick and effective customer service. By restricting its size the Company is also able to remain privately owned with the freedom to pursue its ideals of technical excellence and innovation.

Customers include...

  • turbine manufacturers
  • manufacturers of large industrial and marine gearboxes
  • pump and compressor manufacturers
  • fan manufacturers
  • generator manufacturers

The quality procedures adopted by SSS are equivalent to the requirements of ISO 9001 and have been developed to suit proven operating practices at the Company. SSS Clutches are also used in military (naval) applications in the USA, UK, Japan and many other countries where stringent national quality standards apply.

Procedures in the Company's Quality Manual are formally reviewed and audited annually by SSS management and managers continually assess the effectiveness of working practices, and seek improvement of products and procedures at all times.

SSS encourages customers or potential customers to visit their offices and works on an informal basis so that an outline of the SSS quality system and its achievements can be described.

The final measure of success for a quality system is the reliability of the product itself. The quality of SSS Clutches has proven to be very high and is confirmed by the success of the company and its products and the negligible requirement for repairs.