Waterpumps WP Oy

Waterpumps WP Oy

Waterpumps WP Oy

Waterpumps WP Oy is a family owned enterprise specialised in hydro power turbines and equipment, hydro technical planning and flood control equipment. The history of the company starts in year 1972 when the first pumps and sluice gates were manufactured for flood control . Soon, in year 1976 fully submerged pumps were introduced for large volume, low head pumping applications. Waterpumps WP Oy keeps the engineering and design skills on high level in continuous development and research projects. Long experience with submerged motors and generators ensures high reliability for the equipment and stainless steel structure gives service free body structure for the machinery.

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Karhusuontie 39 , Helsinki , FIN-00780 Finland
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Hydro Power
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Internationally (various countries)
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We deliver small hydropower equipment on terms of environment

Waterpumps WP Oy is a privately owned enterprise specialised in hydro turbines, hydrotechnical planning and pumps and gates for large volume water handling. We design and produce innovative solutions respecting existing milieu, buildings and nature.

  • Hydro turbines
  • Automation
  • Planing of hydro power plants
  • Pumps
  • Sluice gates

To achieve better efficiency for small hydro the first permanent magnet generators are developed and installed for WPOY’s hydro turbines.

For indication of long-term technical development work WP Oy has lately received European Innovation Award  for Best Transnational Technology Transfer.

First submersible hydro turbine generators were developed and installed in year 1982. Till today hydro power has became the main business of the company including plant design, licensing, constructing, and delivery of the hydro power equipment. Nevertheless pumps and gates are still in the variety of design and production.

An example of working on long-term basis with the universities and research companies are frequency converter operated hydro turbines. They have been developed from the beginning of nineties to meet the demand of economical and mechanically simple construction for small hydro where a regulation of the flow is needed.

In ongoing project low noise turbine generators are developed. Many old mills and power plants are converted to offices and homes and common hydro equipment are not acceptable since their sound emission. Solving the noise problem these plants can be brought back to production.

Company philosophy is to design and produce innovative solutions for the demand. There is willingness to solve all the cases, even difficult ones  with the most applicable engineering work and technique fitting into the existing structures, location and nature. The goal is well performing and profitable completeness for the customer.