WELtec BioPower designs and constructs complete, stainless steel biogas systems and operates these worldwide. WELtec BioPower was founded in 2001. Our parent companies, Stallkamp and Weda, both enjoyed a decade of active experience in the industry. This amalgamation of many years of experience and modern thinking allows us to supply complete biogas systems as well as all associated services. WELtec BioPower constructs the plants using the main components produced by the parent companies. This benefit of this approach is to ensure an even level of quality for all our international customers. WELTEC BIOPOWER plans and produces complete biogas plants made from stainless steel and distributes them world-wide. WELTEC has realised more than 250 plants all over Europe the United States and even on Cyprus, in China and in Japan.

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Zum Langenberg 2 , Vechta , 49377 Germany

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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WELTEC BIOPOWER plans and produces complete biogas plants made of stainless steel and distributes them worldwide. With now more than 80 employees, more than 300 plants in Europe, the U.S., Cyprus and Japan have already been realized.

In 2011, the WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH celebrated its tenth anniversary and is a biogas plant manufacturer in the first hour. On the basis of the modern approach of experienced engineers, the company offers from Vechta, Lower Saxony, complete biogas plants from one source and has evolved into a leading supplier of biogas plants.

The strength of the medium-sized company are customized solutions - from compact plants on large computer-controlled plants in the megawatt range, waste recycling plants, and biogas parks with gas processing technology.

The plants have a modular structure: In WELTEC BIOPOWER only proven system components are used and developed much of the technology along the entire value chain itself:

  • Fermentation technology
  • Stirring
  • Control technology
  • Sanitation systems, and
  • Digestate processing solutions originate from the company.

WELTEC builds stainless steel fermenter, because the hydrogen sulphide and ammonia compounds contained in biogas corrode unprotected parts. This ensures a long service life. Production capability also ensures a consistently high standard regardless of location and provides a well above the industry average export rate.

  • WELTEC BIOPOWER plans, sells, delivers and installs systems for the extraction of energy from organic substances from a special material: stainless steel .
  • Stainless steel stands for longevity, purity, sustainability, stability, and thus a very high quality.
  • Stainless steel has become for us a symbol of the special quality of our facilities and services. What this means for us:

The customer
The customer and his individual needs are the focus of our actions and set standards for the quality of our products and services.
To continuously meet the customer satisfaction we have a quality and environmental management system is developed and implemented, its effectiveness we constantly - and in collaboration with our customers - improve.

Employee / internal
Ideas, freedom, motivation, high self-responsibility and team spirit of our employees / interior, are the basis of our quality.

External requirements

  • We protect body and soul, taking into account all relevant standards and regulations.


  • Our processes are effective, efficient and transparent.
  • Responsibilities are clearly defined.


  • The product of WELTEC BIOPOWER is innovative, high quality, reliable and economically sustainable.


  • As a leading system manufacturers WELTEC BIOPOWER implements solutions for the energy use of organic substances present and future world.


  • Through the planning and construction of biogas plants WELTEC BIOPOWER is in the area of renewable energy markets and therefore assumes the responsibility for the next generations.
  • Our goal is to protect the resources in the value chain and to offer our customers a lucrative concept.


Since the establishment of WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH in 2001, the company has constantly developed. Thanks to the innovation of all WELTEC - one employee was always able to offer optimum biogas technology and so WELTEC BIOPOWER delivered already in 2003 the first complete biogas plant of stainless steel to European countries to Sweden.

Meanwhile, the number of employees has increased to about 80th 80% of employees are engineers of areas:

  • Agricultural
  • Process engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction

The company has clear functional units that can respond quickly and efficiently to the demands of the customers.
But that's not all: in 2008 was certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 WELTEC BIOPOWER one of the first biogas plant manufacturer in the world and thus can guarantee the world's environmental and quality WELTEC a biogas plant.