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Our company manufactures PV-modules that archives the highest energy gain that you could find on the market today. Our factory in Glava Sweden, is the most automated and modern factory in Europe resulting in the most even quality and precise quality control anyone could ask for. In our factory, every step of the manufacturing process is strictly supervised and monitored leading to a superior quality. Our uniquely processed top-glass surface of the PV-module gives the modules an extra boost unseen in this business. Windon also are the innovator of the unique PV-mounting system that cuts the working time for mounting the PV-modules to just a fourth of the time needed for a traditional mounting system. This makes deployment of PV-modules extremely cost-efficient compared to traditional mounting systems. On a big solar park, this might make the difference from failure to success.

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Bjorke Hakuse 206 , Romakloster , 622 42 Sweden

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Energy - Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)


Windon manufacture solar modules with the world's highest energy gain, thanks to high quality materials and a secured process.

Working with Windon AB and Essett Sweden AB means taking responsibility for the next generation and an opportunity to develop in a 'young' industry which has the future ahead of it. The fabric how producing for Windon is one of the most automated solar module factories in the world, which put additionally high demands on the individual throughout the process.


The history of the production in Glava facility's reach back to 2002. Shortly after the first solar modules where manufactured for REC.During the following years the plant was increasing its capacity in several steps.Finally the most automated and effective plant in Photo Voltaic (Solar produced electricity) - business was a fact.

The capacity for the plant is today 160MW per year.The sole business idea of Windon is to produce a high quality solar module.The production flow is highly automated and the manual handling very limited, all manual steps are strictly controlled by SOP:s (Standard Operating Procedure).

The yield talks for itself, more than 99% in total cell yield at present date.The even quality that comes out of the production is regarded as top in the world.The yearly power output of the Windon panel is unmatched in the world.The raw-material used is IEC and UL qualified materials and also well-known brands in the PV-business, we never jeopardize with the raw-materials for short term cost savings.All new materials are first tested internally at our laboratories and follow strictly our internal approval routine. We use the well-known TÜV Rhineland as our certification body, both for IEC/UL as well as for our ISO certifications.


The solare modules from us is committed to provide highly competitive solar energy solutions at the highest quality to customer through; continual improvement, innovative technology, operational excellence, industry- wide expertise and excellent quality control.


Mbili is Swahili and stands for 'Two', a befitting name for our branded mono crystaline and multi crystaline solar module produced by Windon in cooperation with Essett Sweden in Sweden. MBILI is only built from top-of-the-line raw-materials. The glass is AR-treated with a process invented only for increasing light transmission through the glass. This increases the yearly output by more than 5%-8% compared with a standard PV glass.