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  • What To Ask When Purchasing a Standby Natural Gas Generator

    What To Ask When Purchasing a Standby Natural Gas Generator

    Are you interested in a natural gas standby generator for your home or business? Standby generators have become increasingly popular with properties of all kinds.Natural gas generators are one type of standby generator that can provide power when you need it most. All standby generators are a major investment that should not be taken lightly. The following art


  • Edina launches new 'super efficient' 10MW MWM genset

    Edina launches new 'super efficient' 10MW MWM genset

    The new genset provides exceptionally high electrical efficiency of up to 48 percent and a total efficiency of up to 93 percent, achieving outputs of 9,830kWe to 10,300kWe.  "This innovative new MWM technology will provide higher cost savings ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Brake Control System

    Brake Control System

    The Hilliard BBH2 Power Unit incorporates an engineered hydraulic circuit to control the brake torque during a typical stop. Large capacity hydraulic accumulators provide additional volume for precise control of brake pressure. Equipped with manual overrides and hand pump for power outages, high pressure filtration and control braking mode to meet sophisticated braking system applications.

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  • Energy Storage 2020

    Energy Storage 2020

    ACI’s 10th Energy Storage Conference will be taking place in Berlin, Germany, on 15th-16th January 2020. The two day event will bring together the senior representatives of the different stakeholders involved in the energy storage sector from utility providers, power generators, technology developers, energy storage service providers and policy regulators.You are kindly invited to the first ...