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Emergency Power Generator System equipment

  • Peterson Power Systems - Professional Electric Power

    Peterson Power Systems' professional electric power team supplies and fully supports complete Power Solution packages to meet diverse electric power needs including generators for emergency standby, peaking, co-generation, prime or continuous power.

    By Peterson Power Systems based in Benicia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Power Generation Products Product line

  • Northern Power Systems - Model NPS 60-23 - Wind Turbine

    Built on Proven NPS 100 Platform – Millions of Runtime Hours. Low Cost of Ownership. Tower Options: 23, 30 and 37m Hub Heights. Quieter – Lower RPM, Lower Tip Speed. Handles High Winds. Redundant Safety Features. Rotors Built to Last.

    By VG Energy based in Galston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model PSS21 - Emergency Electrical Power Generator

    The WINCO PSS21 has a fresh new look! We have redesigned the PSS21 with a Zenith 2.8L engine. It is designed to provide the most reliable emergency electrical power of any generator in its class. Most 20kW generators sold in this r

    By Winco Inc. based in Le Center, MINNESOTA (USA). from Emergency Standby Generator Product line

  • Caterpillar - Model C4.4 (60 Hz) - Diesel Generator Sets

    Producing reliable power from 36 ekW to 90 ekW at 60Hz, our C4.4 ACERT™ diesel generator sets are engineered to meet your standby and prime applications, and measure up to your power standards. All are tested to maximum load before they leave any one of our ISO 9001 certified facilities. And because we believe power is more than quantity of ...

    By Caterpillar based in Peoria, ILLINOIS (USA). from Power Systems- Electric Power Generation Product line

  • RWE-npower - Cowes Power Station

    Cowes Power Station is a 140MW open cycle, gas turbine (OCGT) power station. Opened in 1982, the Station stands on the site of a former coal fired power station and is the only major power station on the Isle of Wight. OCGT power plants have the advantage of being able to produce large amounts of electricity very quickly. From shutdown, Cowes is ...

    By RWE npower based in Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Generation Product line

  • Caterpillar - Model C7.1 (60 Hz) - Diesel Generator Sets

    Caterpillar is leading the power generation marketplace with Power Solutions engineered to deliver unmatched flexibility, expandability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

    By Caterpillar based in Peoria, ILLINOIS (USA). from Power Systems- Electric Power Generation Product line

  • Inland Power Group - Power Generating Systems

    Electricity is an essential part of life at work and at home. Whether you require prime power when no utility is available, or stand-by backup power when your utility is temporarily unavailable, power generating systems from MTU Onsite Energy and GE's Jenbacher line offer quality and dependable power at a moment's notice. ...

    By Inland Power Group, Inc. based in Butler, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • HawkEye2 - Remote Generator Monitoring Systems

    HawkEye2 is our 24/7 remote monitoring system for all makes and sizes of standby generators. Once a week HawkEye2 automatically starts your generator and runs it for 10 minutes, checking vital operating parameters such as voltage, frequency, oil and water temperature, battery condition, emergency stop and fuel levels. After the test a full ...

    By Shenton Group based in Andover, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Care Product line

  • Model PSS12H4W - Emergency Standby Generator

    Bigger isn't always better. The PSS12H4W emergency standby generator is an industrial grade GX engine provides smooth and consistent power that is capable of running essential loads like sump pumps, well pumps, furnaces, refrigerators, TV's, lights and computers. Since this ge

    By Winco Inc. based in Le Center, MINNESOTA (USA). from Emergency Standby Generator Product line

  • Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panels

    Automatic mains failure (AMF) panels – also referred to as automatic transfer switch (ATS) panels – make the power switch to emergency standby generators in the event of a significant loss of mains power or total blackout. Without AMF panels, generators need to be operated manually and that can mean lost data, potential damage to ...

    By Shenton Group based in Andover, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Systems Product line

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

    An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is your bridge between mains power and your backup generators. AMF panels will react to power failure and activate your generators, but without a UPS system there’s a handful of seconds before the generator starts and takes the full electrical load. In that brief gap your power is out and there could be ...

    By Shenton Group based in Andover, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Systems Product line

  • BENSON - Model BHK - Boiler

    Higher thermal efficiency. Full steam temperature controllability over a wide load range, thus taking wide range of coal quality. Faster start-up and cooling down of the boiler. High reliability for emergency load runback. Operation is as easy as Drum boiler.

    By Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America , Ltd. based in Basking Ridge, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Power Generation Equipment Product line

  • Hyundai - Four-Pole Synchronous Generator and Turbine Generator

    Our pole generators, often referred to in the industry as turbine generators are used in applications where a high speed turbine (gas, steam, expander) drives the generator, typically through a speed reducing gearbox. The rotating speed delivered to the 4-pole generator needs to be 1500 RPM (50 hertz) or 1800 RPM (60 hertz).

    By Hyundai Ideal Electric Company based in Mansfield, OHIO (USA). from Generators Product line

  • Rental Generators

    For reliable standby power with minimal capital expenditure, we offer flexible generator rental packages for all single phase generators and three phase diesel generators. Our range includes 10kVA to 2MVA diesel generators, with many suited to prime power duty, and we can provide non-standard voltage and frequency options on request.

    By Shenton Group based in Andover, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Rental Product line

  • Emergency Power Generators (Backup Power)

    Emergency backup power and generators from Pfister EnergyHurricane? Severe storm? High winds? Flooding? Brownout? Blackout? With backup power, you can continue working and living…uninterrupted. Keep your business or home powered up, online and comfortable with a partial or whole building backup generator installed by Pfister Energy.

    By Pfister Energy based in Hawthorne, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • AET - Natural Gas Backup Power System

    A quiet, environmentally clean, robust, Natural Gas fueled Stand-by and Co-generation set for your small business or home application (can pay for itself in approximately 8 years). Based on a rugged Kubota DF1005 spark-ignited Natural Gas engine and industry-leading Stamford alternator, the co-generation set is designed to provide 15 years (24,000 ...

    By Advanced Engine Technology Ltd. (AET) based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Generator Sets Product line

  • Turbogenerators

    More than 2701 turbogenerators with the total capacity of 275.1 GW (or 323.6 GV*A) have been produced in all. The power of the turbogenerators produced ranges from 2 to 1200 MW. The Power Machines’ turbogenerators are under operation in 44 countries of the world. The first Power Machines’ turbogenerator was manufactured by the ...

    By OJSC Power Machines based in Moscow, RUSSIA. from Power Generation Equipment Product line

  • Model ASCO Series 300 - Commercial Power Control System

    The ASCO Series 300 Power Control System is a standardized generator paralleling system offering the sophisticated functionality normally found in custom designs. Automatic Load management control. One priority block per generator, eight loads per priority block. Reliably starts, synchronizes, parallels, monitors and protects engine- generator ...

    By Emerson Electric Co. based in St Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Power Control System Product line

  • Model ASCO 7000 - Mission-Critical Power Control System

    The ASCO 7000 Series Power Control System is the world’s most intelligent and advanced multiple-engine power control system. It can be custom engineered to meet today’s specific requirements for a wide range of emergency power applications from industrial/commercial to large healthcare and business-critical facilities.

    By Emerson Electric Co. based in St Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Power Control System Product line

  • Hybrid Microgeneration System

    GENESAL ENERGY Hybrid Microgeneration Systems optimize power generation based on the required energy demand. It is designed to operate as an autonomous continuous source of energy in installations where the grid is unavailable. It can function autonomously for up to 1000 hours.  Genesal Energy hybrid generators are the ideal solution for ...

    By Genesal Energy based in Bergondo, SPAIN. from Hybrid Generators Product line

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