Battery Management

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  • Wooden & Bamboo Serial

    Wooden & Bamboo Serial

    PERFECT DECORATION Crafted from high-quality wood or bamboo wood, the wooden wireless charging station is lightweight and durable, stylish and unique. The concise appearance and compatible design make it not only an easy-to-use charger but also a decorative piece to your desk. Effortlessly add a pastoral vibe with its wooden outside and meet your various charge needs with its high-tech ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Rechargeable Batteries

    Rechargeable Batteries

    The TLI series is specifically designed for long-term use in harsh environments and represents an important breakthrough in rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology. Standard rechargeable lithium-ion cells have inherent drawbacks, including short operating life (maximum 5 years), low maximum cycle life (1000 cycles), high self-discharge (up to 60 % per year), and limited temperature range (0 ...

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  • The New England Venture Summit 2019

    The New England Venture Summit 2019

    The 14th annual New England Venture Summit, presented by youngStartup Ventures, is the premier industry gathering connecting venture capitalists, corporate VCs, angel investors, technology transfer professionals, senior executives of venture backed, emerging and early stage companies, university researchers, incubators and premier service providers.Whether you are an investor seeking access to ...