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Battery Performance equipment

  • Lento - Automotive Batteries

    Mainly used for starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) Lento automotive batteries are the perfect match for today’s high performance modern cars on Indian roads. Ruggedized for local conditions, Lento batteries assure quick starts in any weather and an extended life Our Product range has been designed for high cranking current delivery for ...

    By Lento Industries Private Limited based in Noida, INDIA. from Batteries Product line

  • Exide - Performance Batteries

    Our Exide Select Performance batteries pack muscle for each unique application: short haul, long haul, agriculture, fleet, construction, and industrial equipment. The rugged construction of Select Performance heavy-duty batteries provides durability and performance.

    By Exide Technologies based in Milton, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Premium

    Model MP-11 I-V - Robust Portable Battery Operated Checker

    The robust portable battery operated MP-11 I-V Checker enables the operator to perform on-site accurate I-V performance measurements and inspection of PV modules or arrays. For direct control of the measurement functions and analyzing measurement results, the Main Unit has a key-pad and Graphical LCD display. The MP-11 offers an all in one ...

    By EKO Instruments based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solar Energy - IV Measurements Product line

  • Cyclon - Batteries

    The purity of the materials used is key to supporting the CYCLON battery's performance benefits. A longer service life, meaning fewer replacements and the cost associated with it, combined with higher reliability and fewer system failures, result in a lower long term cost of ownership to the end user or equipment owner. CYCLON batteries have a ...

    By EnerSys based in Reading, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model OPzV - Batteries

    SUNLIGHT’s OPzV batteries are characterized by maintenance-free, long service life, excellent reliable performance even in harsh conditions (high operating temperature or unsta­ ble power network) and durability under cyclic use, thus providing a premium efficient and cost effective energy solution. Optimum design, according to DIN ...

  • Deka - Model D-Series - Batteries

    Durable and dependable for almost any motive power application. In addition to its versatility, it is designed to be utilized in both conventional and opportunity charging operations.

    By East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. based in Bowers,, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Lift Truck Product line

  • Deka MaxPowr - Batteries

    Optimizes active material efficiencies, balanced plate ratios, and increased electrolyte concentration. This battery can deliver up to 10% more amp-hours in the same size battery.

    By East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. based in Bowers,, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Lift Truck Product line

  • Sunica - Model Plus - Battery is the perfect solution for remote installations, especially in developing areas of the world, that rely on various sources of power generation, such as solar panels, wind-turbines and diesel generators, used under the most difficult environmental conditions.

    By Saft SA based in Levallois-Perret,, FRANCE. from Grid & Renewables - Off Grid Product line

  • Uptimax - Battery

    Uptimax New Generation batteries are at the heart of power backup systems throughout the oil & gas exploration and production, utility and manufacturing industries. If main power is lost, Uptimax ensures the continuity of mission-critical loads, facilitate safe shutdown processes, bridge to standby power and safeguard computer data. Typical ...

    By Saft SA based in Levallois-Perret,, FRANCE. from Industrial Standby - Back-up Applications Product line

  • Stationary Battery Informer (BI)

    The La Marche Stationary Battery Informer is a breakthrough in technology. This tester can be installed in any battery system and, within seconds, can determine the condition of your batteries under load without disrupting the system operation. The battery and charger are never disconnected from the load even during the test. The intelligent ...

    By La Marche Manufacturing Company based in Des Plaines, ILLINOIS (USA). from Battery Testers Product line

  • Model LD - Energy Storage Racks

    The LD Energy Storage Racks are high performance, fully integrated battery systems for a wide range of long duration energy storage applications.

    By NEC Energy Solutions based in Westborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Battery Systems Product line

  • ALM - Model 12V – 48V - Lithium Ion Batteries

    NEC Energy Solutions ALM family of advanced lithium-ion batteries delivers exceptional performance, long service life, and robust safety for tough, critical applications. Available in a variety of standard sizes, the ALM family offers the ideal alternative to even the best lead-acid batteries.

    By NEC Energy Solutions based in Westborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Battery Systems Product line

  • Model 48V100 K - Customizable Battery Kit

    The 48V100 K Battery Kit allows OEMs and integrators to con#31;figure customized 48V 100Ah battery solutions leveraging the superior performance of Nanophosphate lithium ion modules and NEC Energy Solutions’ advanced battery management features.

    By NEC Energy Solutions based in Westborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Battery Systems Product line

  • Bi-Direx - Energy Storage System

    Eguana Technologies can help battery manufacturers design tailored energy storage systems around their battery technologies. The patented Bi-Direx power electronics platform, which already powers more than 5,000 energy storage systems around the globe, guarantees highest performance and flexibility for residential and commercial applications.

    By Eguana Technologies based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Battery Developers Product line

  • Model HR - High Rate Energy Storage Racks

    The High Rate (HR) Energy Storage Racks are fully integrated battery storage system offering reliable energy storage for a wide range of high rate, high power applications.

    By NEC Energy Solutions based in Westborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Battery Systems Product line

  • NiCad Clear Case - High Performance Nickel Cadmium Alkaline Battery

    The Clear Case Nickel Cadmium battery is designed to provide backup battery power to support various critical applications. HDV NiCad Clear Case models are available for very high discharge rates. The impact-resistant clear case allows the user to easily observe electrolyte levels, as the batteries require minimal topping throughout their life ...

    By Alpha Technologies Inc. based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA). from Industrial Power Products- Industrial Batteries Product line

  • Alcad - Model HC/HB Range - Single Cell High Rate Performance Ni-Cd Battery

    This battery is designed for instances when there is demand for high current over short periods typical of starting and UPS applications. The HC P range uses very thin plates and is designed for applications where there is a demand for a relatively high current over short periods, usually less than 30 minutes in duration. The applications can ...

    By Alcad Standby Batteries based in North Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Ni-Cd Single Cell Batteries Product line

  • Alcad - Model LCE/LB Range - Single Cell, Long Rate Performance Ni-Cd Battery

    Operating under a wide range of temperatures, the resistance to electrical abuse, long life and low life cycle cost of this battery make it the one of choice for many applications. LCE/LB range of nickel-cadmium batteries is the battery of choice for many applications. The LCE/LB range has the thickest plates and is designed for applications where ...

    By Alcad Standby Batteries based in North Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Ni-Cd Single Cell Batteries Product line

  • Akasol - Model Akamodule - Performance Battery Systems

    Highly integrated validated uniquely powerful the perfect component for high. Performance battery systems.

    By Akasol GmbH based in Darmstadt, GERMANY.

  • H&V - UPS & Telecom Batteries

    Telecommunications and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) batteries provide energy back-up in the event of a power failure for critical applications, including computing, data storage, and sensitive manufacturing processes. For more than thirty years, H&V’s UPS and Telecommunications battery separators have been the first ...

    By Hollingsworth & Vose based in East Walpole, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Battery Separators - Lead Acid Product line

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