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  • High Power Booster
    Showcase Product

    High Power Booster

    By Bio-Logic Science Instruments

    The FlexP 0012 is designed for electrolyzer/fuel cell characterizations. The continuous maximum current of +/-200 A for a single unit can be extended up to +/-400 A by connecting two units in parallel.

Upcoming events

  • EFCF 2019
    Showcase Event

    EFCF 2019

    By European Fuel Cell Forum AG

    Adjacent to the auditorium a technical Fuel Cell & Hydrogen (FC&H2) exhibition will be held. FC&H2 industry and developers, suppliers, equipment providers, research laboratories, ... show their products and ...

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  • Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy (AAHE)

    The AAHE has been established to offer specific knowledge, expertise and dedication to the promotion of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and its ...

  • Energy Technology Centre Ltd

    Energy Technology Centre Ltd

    Energy Technology Centre is located on the Scottish Enterprise Technology Park in East Kilbride and occupies a facility which was formerly part of ...

  • ARDA Power INC

    ARDA Power INC

    ARDA Power uses patented technology to provide the core functionality for a range of power electronics solutions targeted at the emerging and now ...

  • ReforCELL


    ReforCELL aims at developing a high efficient heat and power cogeneration system based on: i) design, construction and testing of an advanced ...

  • Aero Tec Laboratories Inc., USA

    Aero Tec Laboratories Inc., USA

    Aero Tec Laboratories was founded in 1970 as a design and testing facility for `flexible composite` materials. Shortly thereafter, the firm broadened ...