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  • Zirconium Oxides
    Showcase Product

    Zirconium Oxides

    By MEL Chemicals

    MEL Chemicals produce a variety of doped zirconium oxides for a range of applications. Details of our standard grades can be found in our Ceramics Brochure. MEL Chemicals MELox doped zirconium oxides are dense powders ...

  • Electrical Contact Elements
    Showcase Product

    Electrical Contact Elements


    Due to their excellent geometric and thermal properties, knitted wire mesh elements in fuel cells are used for both stationary and mobile applications. They take up the position of a contact and compensation element.

Upcoming events

  • EFCF 2019
    Showcase Event

    EFCF 2019

    By European Fuel Cell Forum AG

    Adjacent to the auditorium a technical Fuel Cell & Hydrogen (FC&H2) exhibition will be held. FC&H2 industry and developers, suppliers, equipment providers, research laboratories, ... show their products and ...

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  • Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy (AAHE)

    The AAHE has been established to offer specific knowledge, expertise and dedication to the promotion of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and its ...

  • ReforCELL


    ReforCELL aims at developing a high efficient heat and power cogeneration system based on: i) design, construction and testing of an advanced ...

  • Aero Tec Laboratories Inc., USA

    Aero Tec Laboratories Inc., USA

    Aero Tec Laboratories was founded in 1970 as a design and testing facility for `flexible composite` materials. Shortly thereafter, the firm broadened ...

  • ARDA Power INC

    ARDA Power INC

    ARDA Power uses patented technology to provide the core functionality for a range of power electronics solutions targeted at the emerging and now ...

  • Energy Technology Centre Ltd

    Energy Technology Centre Ltd

    Energy Technology Centre is located on the Scottish Enterprise Technology Park in East Kilbride and occupies a facility which was formerly part of ...