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3-day International Conference with Exhibition and Excursion 2019


Get up to date on the status quo of the biomethane mobility from long year national and international experts. Be part of the international knowledge exchange and participate as a visitor or exhibitor.

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Trade Show/Exhibition
Oct. 15-17, 2019
Schwäbisch Hall

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Let's face it: Individual mobility is moving towards a crisis:

  • Rising gasoline prices
  • Increasing limitation of certain engine types in urban areas
  • High pressure on emissions caused by petrol and diesel engines
All of these limitations are increasingly questioning traditional mobility solutions. This triggers the following questions:

⇨ Where are we heading with combustion engine vehicles?

⇨ Is the shift towards of electronic vehicles really the solution to our challenges in terms of emissions and high fuel prices?

⇨ Are we not shifting our emission problems to other industry sectors - away from the fossil industry and towards the exploitation of rare earth elements?

Natural gas vehicles do not have any of these problems. In fact, they have been a very interesting alternative to diesel or gasoline vehicles for decades now.

Due to significantly lower prices per distance traveled, greatly reduced CO2 and nitrogen emissions - and all this with the familiar combustion technology: we like to call natural gas vehicles the secret superstars of individual transportation solutions.

In fact, a lot of European cities are running their buses for public transportation on CNG, e.g. Linköping (Sweden) or Verona (Italy).

The only limitation of this now very advanced and safe technology is the still relatively low number of CNG / natural gas filling stations. And every year there are more and more filling stations popping up, developing a tight net throughout Germany and Europe.

But with CNG / natural gas still being a fossil based fuel, alternative solutions have to be found.

Introducing the next logical step towards renewable mobility for internal combustion engines: biomethane.

Thanks to modern, state of the art upgrading processes, numerous biogas plants feed their biogas directly into the natural gas grid after removing impurities and upgrading it to natural gas quality already today.

In some cases, biomethane is even sold directly 'from the farm' in small CNG filling stations.

This proves: natural gas vehicles can run on 100% renewable energy - while still using combustion engines.

Driving a natural gas vehicle, you get all the advantages of the combustion engine (reliability, ranges of up to 800 km in a single filling) combined with highly reduced CO2- and nitrous emissions and very low fuel costs.

And while all of this information is nothing new for all biogas and renewable energy enthusiasts, CNG / natural gas vehicles are still living 'inside the shadows' when it comes to mass adoption.

IBBK's 3-day conference 'Progress in Biomethane Mobility' will bridge the gap between the technology and the end user. We address the international scientific community as well as practitioners to present you the status quo and  new and modern technologies.

The company exhibition during the two days of the conference and the excursion to selected biogas upgrading projects and biomethane mobility solutions in the region will put you in direct contact with the technology.

During the excursion, the attendees will get the chance to see the presented technologies first-hand, in practice.

Call for Papers
The Call for Papers is now open and we look forward to receiving your submissions on the following topics:
  • Overview and political framework
  • Development of new upgrading technologies
  1. Adaptation of the continuous biogas production to the discontinuous fuelling processes of vehicles
  2. Suitable vehicle types and drive technologies
  3. Best-practice examples for decentralized generation and utilization
  4. Decentralized bio-LNG
  5. Practitioner's forum
  6. Innovation and business forum
The abstract submission deadline is March 1st, 2019.

To submit an abstract on the above topics, please click on the button below and follow the instructions on that page.

The scientific committee will evaluate your submissions and give you feedback on being accepted for the conference program in mid June 2019.

As an author of the accepted abstracts, you will be contacted directly through the email you submitted.

Who is this Conference for?
  • Biogas plant operators, who are looking for ways
    to continue their operation beyond governmental subsidies
  • Drivers frustrated by high gasoline prices
  • Environmental certifiers
  • Trade press
  • Engineers in the field of energy consulting
  • Research & development
  • Natural gas suppliers
  • Representatives of ministries with a focus on CO2
    reduction from the environment, energy and mobility sectors

  • Gas infrastructure manufacturers (gas measurement, gas analysis, pipeline construction)
  • Policy makers in the field of CO2 emission reduction
  • Consulting service providers in the field of mobility
  • Municipal utilities and fleet operators (for example, car-sharing organisations)
  • Car dealers
  • Representatives of the automotive industry
For Sponsors and Exhibitors

By sponsoring this conference, you will be mentioned prominently on all publications before, during and after this event. Included is:
  • Exhibition space
  • 2 tickets for the conference with lunch and coffee breaks included
  • Display of your logo on all publications with backlink (this website)
  • Program slot to present your products or services
  • And much more.
Download the overview below and get in touch with us.

Company Exhibition:
For a limited number of action-takers, there will be a company exhibition during both conference days, taking place inside the same room as the presentations. This guarantees a direct contact between exhibitors and conference participants. Included:
  • 6 m² exhibition space
  • 1 table and 2 chairs per stand
  • Electricity and WiFi
  • 1 free ticket to the conference
  • 50 % discount on further tickets

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