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Pyrolysis equipment for Fossil Energy

  • Pyrolysis pilot run plant (or customised designed)

    Pyrolysis facility: customised design Pyrolysis Pilot run Plant.Low temperature 'batch' type pyrolysiscapacity: 100kg solid input per batch.Efficient heat exchange (requires no catalyst nor feedstock shredding/cutting)Modified slag-out process (clean from ash dispersal)Easy installing and operation.

    By E-Sunscience Co., Ltd. based in Taipei, TAIWAN.

  • WoodRoll - Steam/Char Gasifier System

    In the gasifier the char powder is mixed with steam, heat is provided indirectly through radiation which enables the chemical reactions that form the energy gas. The heat is generated through combustion of the pyrolysis gas, simultaneously the tars are cracked into harmless components. The gasifier concept is similar to the well proven technology ...

    By Cortus Energy based in Kista, SWEDEN. from Technology Product line

  • Pyrolysis Technology

    Pyrolysis of waste plastic is a new concept. The continuing accumulation of waste plastic is one of the worst sanitation problems faced by industrialized countries. The incineration of plastic is both costly and complex, while stockpiling waste plastic is the subject of growing concern. We can’t burn or landfill them due to environmental ...

    By Zorba Industries based in Baroda, INDIA.

  • ECC - Ethylene Cracking Heaters

    Ethylene is an important chemical widely used in the production of plastics for products such as PVC, packaging, and window frames, among others. The product is obtained by the pyrolysis of naphtha, ethane or propane. Currently there are 45 ethylene plants in the United States, 90% of which use gaseous feedstock. Due to expanded world demand, it ...

    By ClearSign Combustion Corporation based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Pyrolysis Technology

    Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of the waste into gas and solid phases in the absense of the external oxygen supply. The pyrolysis process takes place under the temperatures typically around 500 C. Industrial environmental friendly pyrolysis technology: bio fuel and electricity generation; pyrolysis of MSW, biomass, electronic waste, ...

    By Splainex Ecosystems Ltd based in Rijswijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • XRefinery - Ultra Clean petroleum Technology

    The XRefinery platform produces ultra-clean petroleum (CleanPetroleum) and electricity from renewable biomass (wood waste, agricultural waste, and sustainable energy crops) and other non-biogenic feedstocks (municipal solid waste, plastics, tires, coal, and more). The XRefinery™ produces ZERO stack emissions, and no waste byproducts. The ...

    By XFuels Inc. based in Didsbury, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Technology Product line

  • NARGIS - Model 24MT - Gasification and Pyrolysis System for Used Recycling Plastic Waste

    This is a module which is a commercial Gasification and Pyrolysis System that maximises the benefits of Plastic Waste for large commercial recycling clients and communities.

    By NARGIS Renewable Energy Solutions based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Normal Pressure Distillation System

    Rectification under vacuum, developed by our company on the basis of normal pressure distillation, is the corollary equipment of pyrolysis equipment. It fundamentally solved the problem that exists in the oil refining field. The equipment possesses the features of safety, big production, good quality and convenient operation. This set of ...

    By Linyi Meicheng Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. based in Linyin City, CHINA.

  • VACUCLEAN - Vacuum Pyrolysis Systems

    VACUCLEAN is an easy to install, environmentally and user friendly vacuum pyrolysis cleaning system (vacuum cleaning oven) for removing plastic residues from tools and long components.

    By SCHWING Technologies GmbH based in Neukirchen-Vluyn, GERMANY. from Thermal Cleaning Systems and Accessories Product line

  • Eqtec - Model EKM - Computer Assisted Kinetic Model

    The EQTEC Kinetic Model (“EKM”) platform is a powerful simulation tool based on a computer assisted kinetic model, capable of predicting the thermochemical processes of solid degradation that take place in a gasification plant with EGT technology. This computer simulation by numerical models allows the optimal conditions of ...

    By Eqtec PLC based in Mahon, IRELAND.

  • Eko - Pyrolysis Plant

    This short description underlines some topics to sustain pyrolysis gas “synthesis gas or syn-gas” or also called “ gas from molecular dissociation”, as renewable energy source with low impact on the environment and remarkable benefits for the community.

    By Eko Technology S.r.l. based in Lucrezia di Cartoceto (PU), ITALY.

  • C-nox - Model HTV Basic - High-Temperature Flares

    The controlled gas/air ratio in the combustion chamber ensures that a temperature of >1000 °C is always maintained in the combustion chamber. The flow rate in and the geometry of the combustion chamber ensure a minimum gas dwell time. During this time, any residual oxidizable compounds are oxidized as required in the German technical ...

    By C-nox GmbH & Co. KG based in Neum√ľnster, GERMANY. from High-Temperature Flares Product line

  • Gasboard - Model 9021 - Syngas Analysis system

    A critical issue with biomass and coal gasification processes is the presence of tar and dust in the process gas. These are usually removed by the client but it can occur that some remaining quantities need to be eliminated at the level of the gas analysis system. For these applications, Syngas Analysis Systems Gasboard-9021 designed with a ...

    By Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Co., Ltd based in Wuhan, CHINA.

  • Ugolkov - Model CK - Portable Charcoal Kiln

    The main difference between the charcoal kiln CK 'Ugolkov' and its predecessors is a convenient loading of raw materials into the chamber, in contrast towith the CBK- 5, as well as quick and easy charcoal unloading, in contrast with CK 'Bezzolnaya'. Portable charcoal kiln is easily transported from place to place that provides production mobility ...

    By GreenPower based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE. from Auxiliary Equipment Product line

  • Controlled Pyrolysis Ovens

    PCPC's Controlled Pyrolysis models have a highly effective patented system that anticipates and prevents overheating. The ovens have a highly sensitive control system for added protection and operational flexibility. These furnaces can remove the same combustible materials as Dry Cleaner models, but in greater quantities: 2% to 15% by weight.

    By Pollution Control Products Co. based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

  • CharcoTec - Charcoal

    Charcoal production is basically the transformation of virgin (often wet) biomass into charcoal by heating in the absence of air. Charcoal production (or carbonisation) Is one of various pyrolysis processes. Essential for all these processes is a confined surrounding with little or no air present and a heat source to reach the necessary ...

    By CharcoTec based in Mijdrecht, NETHERLANDS.

  • Continuous pyrolysis plant - Model DY 6T 8T 10T - Continuous pyrolysis plant

    In order to meet different customer need,Doing produced continuous pyrolysis plant ,the continuous pyrolysis plant Feeding in every seond and minute ,Automatic ejiecting wastes residue,Fuel product day and night,safe operation ,save manpower.Continuous pyrolysis plant not only can dispose 10-100 tons of waste plastics per day, but also can work ...

  • Biochar - Green Fuel

    Biochar produced from the Pacific Pyrolysis process can also be utilised as a green fuel and in some cases a metallurgical reductant. Biochar produced from softwood increased its calorific value from 18 MJ/kg to 31 MJ/kg. The char can be then be pelletised resulting in pellets with an energy density of 24 MJ/m3, compared to the 13 MJ/m3 energy ...

    By Pacific Pyrolysis Pty Limited based in Somersby, AUSTRALIA. from Biochar Product line

  • EURO - Model CK-3 - Charcoal Kiln

    CK-3 “EURO” is a continuation of charcoal kilns of the “EURO” line, which have been produced by GREENPOWER Company since 2009. The main purpose of the kiln - production of charcoal and thermal energy by low-temperature pyrolysis. As raw materials it can be used both firewood and wood waste of soft and hard species (logging ...

    By GreenPower based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE. from Auxiliary Equipment Product line

  • EURO - Model CK-2 - Charcoal Kiln

    CK-2 “EURO”  - the main purpose is low-temperature pyrolysis of lumpy wood waste of lumbering and firewood of soft- and hardwood species, and also fuel briquettes (pini-key, nestro, ruff) for the purpose of high-grade charcoal or biochar production. The uniqueness of the kiln is following: we do not move raw material from chamber ...

    By GreenPower based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE. from Auxiliary Equipment Product line

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