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  • Tidal Energy
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    Tidal Energy

    By Energy Project Management

    A key aspect of our move into renewables is tidal energy, where a strong footing in oil and gas and civil engineering provides a key advantage. We have built up an extremely strong network of partner companies in what ...

  • Automatic Battery Chargers
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    Automatic Battery Chargers

    By Onboard Energy

    Charging batteries properly is more involved than you might first think. There are lots of factors to consider. Selecting he correct voltage of battery charger is essential. The output of the battery charger is equally ...

  • Ocean Energy
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    Ocean Energy

    By Vattenfall AB

    Ocean energy is a renewable energy source, in which electricity can be generated from tidal streams, waves or differences in salinity. Over 70 per cent of the Earth is covered by water. The ocean is subject to the ...

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  • TOF Energy Corporation

    TOF Energy Corporation

    TOF Energy Company is a supplier and seller of products and services in the marine industry and energy industry. As a newly established company, TOF, ...

  • Ocean Energy

    Ocean Energy

    OceanEnergy is a world leader in Innovative Renewable Energy within the wave energy industry. Wave technology is one of the most exciting areas of ...

  • National Hydropower Association (NHA)

    National Hydropower Association (NHA)

    The National Hydropower Association (NHA) is a nonprofit national association dedicated to promoting the growth of clean, affordable U.S. hydropower. ...

  • Ocean Power Technologies, Inc

    Ocean Power Technologies, Inc

    Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) is a leading renewable energy company specializing in cost-effective, advanced, and environmentally sound offshore ...

  • Minesto AB

    Minesto AB

    Minesto is a marine energy technology developer, founded in 2007 as a spin-off from Swedish aerospace manufacturer Saab. Since then, Minesto has ...