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    THE DESIGN CONCEPT OF HANDMADE EMBROIDERY EARRINGSWhen we design hand-embroidered earrings, the most used elements are flowers, waves, and some ancient Chinese architectures. Flowers are a beautiful symbol of nature. They can symbolize peace, symbolize happiness, symbolize beauty, and have some beautiful meanings and blessings, as if they can radiate some beautiful energy. The sea waves and ...

  • Garden Island Microgrid (WA) Project

    The Garden Island Microgrid is an integrated renewable microgrid project including a connection to Carnegie’s wave energy site directly offshore from the island. The 2 MW of solar and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Power Frequency Transducer

    Power Frequency Transducer

    Transducer for the conversion of the difference in frequency from two electrical systems requiring synchronization into a direct current or voltage signal which is proportional to the measured value.

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  • Renexpo Interhydro 2020

    Renexpo Interhydro 2020

    The trade fair and congress RENEXPO INTERHYDRO is the biggest international platform for hydropower in the German speaking area. Everyone, from experts to beginners, can gather information and discuss the innovation and future potential of water, the regenerative energy source - innovative, ecological, sustainable.