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EnerSys is the leading global supplier of lithium-ion batteries for space applications where space heritage, innovation, and a proven delivery track record come together to produce market-leading batteries. Our ABSL batteries were the first rechargeable lithium-ion batteries flown in space, are the longest serving lithium-ion spacecraft batteries, and are the most demonstrated lithium-ion space batteries with more Lithium-ion flight heritage than any other battery. At EnerSys, we’re committed to supplying the space industry with reliable, high performance batteries demanded by the toughest space battery programs, including man-rated, high voltage, and long life missions.

  • Pioneer of space lithium-ion technology with the first lithium-ion batteries around Earth, Mars & Venus
  • Contracts for over one hundred spacecraft and launch vehicles
  • Battery supplier of choice for the toughest lithium-ion space battery programs
  • Recipient of numerous awards from customers worldwide
  • Abundant supply of cells in stock to meet the needs of future programs
  • Quallion's Zero Volt technology available in ABSL space products

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