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Our Liquid Fuel Duct Burners inject fuel from the side of the duct to keep the fuel cool until it is burned. An “anchoring” baffle ensures the flame spans the duct to provide even heat distribution. Our patented technology ensures excellent mixing of the turbine exhaust gas and fuel, resulting in clean combustion with reduced CO emissions. Our design eliminates performance variations by using a small amount of external combustion air as opposed to burners that rely solely on turbine exhaust gas for their oxidant.

Forney utilizes a side-fired design for our oil duct burners.  This design has proven to be the most reliable over the life of the product and features:

  • Self-Checking Flame Detectors / Scanners
  • Patented mixing technology with customized baffles
  • Multi-Platform Burner Management Systems

Applications / Fuels

  • Light oil,
  • Biofuels, and
  • Blended fuel oils (upon review of fuel composition)

Scope of Supply

All Forney Oil Duct Burner Systems include:

  • Oil Burner Assembly
    • Side fired oil burner with swirler
      • Dual Shut-off Quick Disconnects for atomizing air and oil
      • Full port ball valve for on-line oil gun removal
      • Castable Refractory lined throat
      • Retractable HESI igniter with pneumatic cylinder, solenoid and limit switch
      • Flame Detector / Scanner
    • Manual Combustion Air Isolation Valves
  • Oil Fuel Control Skid
    • Main Oil Fuel Train Assembly
    • Atomizing Air Train Assembly
    • Instrument Air Train Assembly
    • Safety Interlock Equipment – Transmitters / Switches
  • Local Junction Box including switches / interlocks designed into BMS
  • Scanner Cooling Air Blower Skid
  • Combustion Air Blower Skid (optional)

Note: Due to the high temperature radiation of the oil-fired flame, the duct sidewall, from the gas element to ten (10) feet downstream, must be insulated with Pyro-Bloc or Refractory.

  • Combustion / cooling air to alleviate flame instabilities from TEG flow variations
  • No pilot gas train required – HESI
  • Low CO with customized baffle section

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