- Model Momentum Series - Non-Assisted Flares System



AEREON's Momentum Series of non-assist flares provide smokeless performance without the need of additional air-blowers or assist gas for both high pressure and low pressure gas streams. Leveraging the increased momentum of gas that is passed through a simple nozzle or restricted opening, the waste gas intimately mixes with the ambient air and provides for smokeless operation while meeting all Quad O and 40 CFR 60.18 regulations.

Multiple configurations and tip styles are available in our standard Momentum series from the HP models for higher pressure gas (>5 PSIG) that utilizes a proprietary nozzle design, to our VMSA models that utilize a high technology spring and cap design that provides top end performance and high capacities to well over the 20-30 MSCFD levels. Also available is our patented Sentinel LP flare designed specifically for low pressure tank gases, which can be supplied in a LP/HP dual riser configuration. Please contact your AEREON representative to discuss which models fit your performance needs and your budget.

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