- Model Quad O/Oa - Designed and Certified Enclosed Combustors



With the roll out of Quad O regulations in the USA, crude/condensate tank batteries and well pads are required to conform to reduced emission levels if they have the potential to emit over 6 tons of VOC per annum. One of the three emission control end-of-line devices can be used: Flares, Enclosed Combustors or VRUs.

When enclosed flames and smokeless combustion are required for low pressure tank vapors, or other VOC destruction applications, AEREON's GHOST series of standard design enclosed combustors provides EPA-Certified performance, full stainless steel construction, and an economical price point. Three basic sizes are available with nominal flow rates of 20 MSCFD, 100 MSCFD and 200 MSCFD (higher flow rates possible depending on gas quality and pressure which can be confirmed by your AEREON representative).

The first 3 basic sizes are the AB 20, 100 and 200 models (19 inch, 33 inch and 48 inch respectively) and are outfitted with proprietary high capacity pre-mix burner design that provides up to 99% DRE and allows for the highest certified gas flows in the industry on a per size basis (as per EPA testing). This allows you to use a smaller sized and lower cost model for your facilities.

US EPA Certified models AB20 and AB100 allow you to by-pass QuadOa required emission testing of your units after 180 days of installation saving over $7,000 per test required plus the costs of filing results with the EPA.. The AB200 model has been tested and has passed the EPA requirements and is awaiting official acceptance to the EPA listings.

Beyond these first 3 standard sizes, AEREON also provides larger 60 inch and 70 inch wide-combustors as a custom design offering in our FEF models. Please contact your AEREON representative for help in selecting the right combustor for your requirements.

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