- Model RM01 - Microprocessor Controller



The microprocessor-controlled RM01 is a device for the control of district heating transfer stations with the option of modular extension of up to a total of ten additional heating circuits and additional detection of the heat meter data including forwarding of all data to a higher-level network optimisation computer in the heating plant. The controller is based on a modular design and can, at maximum extension, control and regulate seven mixer circuits, two boiler circuits or one circulation circuit.

  • Simple operation
  • Clear menu navigation
  • pre-programmed SD card
  • perfect display

Fitted with a 2 gigabytes SD card, which can be used as program memory, parameter memory or trend memory, this controller does it all. This makes the commissioning of the standard plants so much easier.

An upload of new application programs can be done in two ways:

Installation of a new SD card
Upload of a program via the data interface and the heating plant computer

The aqotec RM02 is almost identical to the RM01 and only differs from the RM01 in that it, at its maximum configuration level, can only control and regulate two mixer heating circuits.

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