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The Ashwell Biomass containerised bio heat cabin offers a complete cost effective biomass boiler house and fuel store solution ready to “plug in and go”. It offers an easy way of changing to renewable energy and lowering your carbon footprint.

The bio heat cabins are complete biomass boiler houses incorporating biomass boilers, pumps, pipe work, fuel stores and electrical connections. They can be incorporated easily within an existing heating system, used as a replacement system (sometimes even keeping the old boiler system as backup if required) or used as a supplementary/backup heating system.

A full range of biomass boilers are offered in the Ashwell Biomass bio heat cabin, each one bespoke to the customer’s requirements. Ashwell Biomass can assist in selecting the optimal combination of biomass boiler, fuel type, fuel feed system and storage bunker for the specific site requirements.

The cabins are built within standard shipping containers and are available in various sizes from 10’ to 40’ in length and up to 9’6” in height. For larger output requirements, multiple containers can be used to incorporate the larger boiler and fuel store dimensions. A range of decorative wood or steel claddings in a comprehensive range of colours to blend in with the environment.

A computer aided design (CAD) system is used to design a layout offering optimum performance while giving consideration to future maintenance requirements of the boiler.

As the sizing and integration of the system is crucial, Ashwell Biomass offers a complete hydronic consulting design to ensure that the biomass boiler is appropriately sized and can be integrated into a new or existing heating system. Any of our boilers of up to approx 400kW output can be incorporated within the design. Exact specifications will be dependent upon the customer’s requirements, size of container and the selected fuel type.

The fuel storage area will normally be incorporated within the same container and designed to maximise space and fuel feed efficiency. The most popular fuel type is usually wood pellets due to their consistency, and the fact that they offer a controllable fuel source, achievable due to their uniform nature. The high calorific value of wood pellets means that less storage space is required, an important factor in a restricted space. However, other alternatives can be considered and Ashwell Biomass can design bespoke alternatives and advise on suitability.

Ashwell Biomass has its own fabrication facility and is able to construct most of these fuel bunkers in-house to design specifications. Likewise, fuel feed systems to suit individual project requirements are readily available.

The Ashwell Biomass bio heat cabin offers a cost effective biomass solution with the benefits of:

  • Generous Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) subsidy for useful heat generated of up to 8.3p per kWh for qualifying installations
  • Ease of installation – ‘plug in and go’
  • Effective supplementary or back up heating system which can be switched on or off easily
  • A portable solution - only a concrete plinth is required and the container is easily removable
  • Shorter lead times for planning
  • Lower costs of planning
  • A low cost alternative to expensive permanent building costs

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