- Model A45 - Pellet Burners



Burner output: 8,5 – 49 kW.  ATMOS A45 pellet burner is intended only for good quality pellets without bark with 6 – 8 mm diameter, 5 - 25 mm lenght and 16 - 19 caloric power (white pellets). The adventage of this burner is automatic ignitron pellets by ignition spiral which fires up the pellet when ever is needed. The burner is not suitable to burn dark pellets which can cause clinkering. In such case it is needed to clean the burning chamber in period 1 - 3 days and you lose the comfort of such heating.

In the case of, that you want to burn lower quality wood pellets equip burner pneumatic cleaning.

The ATMOSA 45 burner features the same way of regulation and control as the A25 burner, therefore in D30P, D31P, D40P and D50P boilers you can use the function of burner control in accordance with the temperatures of the buffertank and solar exchanger. This allows you to control the turner operation with the use of four sensors in such a way that if the solar panel sensor detects that it is convenient to heat the buffer tank by the energy from the solar collector, the burner control will ensure that the tank willonly be charged by energy from pellets up to the level of the TK (TS2) sensor, which is installed in the tank between the TS and TV sensors.

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