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B&W's solar receiver utilizes the best available boiler technology and integrates it into a system that uses mirror-reflected sunlight as the heat source.

Thousands of mirrors concentrate sunlight onto the outside tube surfaces of a solar receiver. The intense solar heat converts circulating water into superheated steam which is then directed to a turbine-generator set that produces clean, renewable electricity

In 2009, B&W completed the design, manufacture and installation of a full-scale commercial CSP receiver at a demonstration plant located in the U.S. This demonstration facility is providing valuable design, construction and operational intelligence to develop commercial facilities capable of supplying scalable amounts of thermal electric power.

In an effort to continue advancing CSP technology, B&W is working with industry leaders to develop and deliver an advanced molten salt CSP receiver that has the potential for much higher efficiency, lower cost and more reliable performance than existing CSP systems. Molten salt is used to transfer the heat energy concentrated on the receiver to a steam generator, which produces steam used to generate electricity.

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