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BETH Filtration GmbH

- Tar-electric Filters



BETH® tar-electric filters are a special development for use in coking plants and behind biomass-/wood gasification plants for the protection of downstream gas engines or gas turbines. Hydrocarbons, tar, oil, fly ash are securely filtered out of the gas flow from 20 g/Nm³ tr. to up to 10 mg/Nm³ tr.

Tried and proven for many years in continuous operation

  • Similar structure as the wet-electric filter
  • Mostly without any rinse and fog water zone
  • Volume flow from 500 up to 100 000 m³/h
  • Pressure-vessel design, if necessary,
  • O2 measurement, stainless steel design,
  • Level indicator
  • Heating of insulators and of the filter body
  • Connecting piece for rinsing, inerting and evaporation

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