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- Geothermal Power Plant



Ormat plant configurations are designed to take maximum advantage of the available geothermal energy resources at each site, and provide various binary plants implementations for:

  • Low-temperature geothermal fluid or steam,
  • Separated brine after first or second flash

  • The fluid is extracted from an underground reservoir and flows from the wellhead through pipelines to heat exchangers in the ORMAT® ENERGY CONVERTER (OEC). 
  • Inside the heat exchangers, the geothermal fluid heats and vaporizes a secondary working fluid, an organic fluid with a low boiling point. 
  • The organic vapors drive the turbine and then are condensed in a condenser, which is cooled by air or water. 
  • The turbine rotates the generator.
  • The condensed fluid is recycled back into the heat exchangers by a pump, completing the cycle within the closed system. 
  • The cooled geothermal fluid is re-injected into the reservoir.

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