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Bioenergy is a renewable energy resource derived from living organisms and/or their byproducts. It currently accounts for approximately 6% of Canada’s total energy supply. Bioenergy is an extensive sustainable energy resource that can supply energy to Canada while emitting low CO2 and reducing waste. Scientists and engineers at CanmetENERGY are at the forefront of innovative technology developments that will enhance the sustainability of bioenergy for Canada’s future. Our research focuses on the conversion of biomass to energy and fuels that can be used to meet energy needs in industry, transportation, agriculture and residential heating. Through collaborations with industry and in-house research, we are exploring biogas (gasification and anaerobic digestion), biofuels (2nd generation biofuels and pyrolysis), biomass resources (biomass to gas, catalytic conversion and biomass densification), combined heat and power and air emissions reduction.

Recent bioenergy advancements include:

  • converting wastes such as restaurant grease to high-quality diesel fuels
  • diesel blending stocks that can operate at low temperatures
  • techniques for combustion of difficult, high ash, low melting point agricultural residues
  • a “Super-7” set of guidelines for improving industrial boiler efficiency and reducing emissions
  • anaerobic digestion processes for the pulp and paper industry
  • testing of microturbines and Stirling engines with liquid and gaseous biofuels


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