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Biomass or Waste Combustion Systems



Renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy independence are a hot topics nowadays. One energy source, with a large potential is biomass. Biomass is generally considered to be one of the most important renewable energy sources. Biomass is the only renewable carbon source! Another important energy source is waste. Land filling waste is limited and will be abolished in many regions. Mass incineration of waste is unpopular and has a low energy efficiency. Waste is partly biogenic (e.g. wood, paper, leather, cotton) and partly fossil (plastics). Hence utilising waste not only solves our waste related problems, it also contributes to our renewable energy mix.

In contrast to biomass or waste combustion systems, gasification forms the link to modern power plants utilising gas engines. Our show pieces are - the MILENA gasifier – and - the OLGA tar removal technology-. The MILENA is an air blown gasifier with the ability to make a product gas with a high energy density; more than high enough to utilise the product gas in a modern gas turbine combined cycle. The combination of MILENA-OLGA makes distributed energy facilities (IGCC & CHP), fuelled by biomass or waste, in the range of 5 to 50 MWe with a net electric efficiency of 30-40% possible.

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