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BRUSH Transformers is globally renowned for the quality of its products, innovation and service. Our markets include the utility, oil, petrochemical, coal, steel and rail industries worldwide. We focus on working with our clients to provide solutions tailored to meet their exact requirements. We design and manufacture to many British, European and International standards and have first class test facilities to ensure that the quality of the product is prevalent. The company maintains ASTA third-party accreditation to quality standard ISO 9001:2008, environmental standard ISO 14001 and health and safety standard OHSAS 18001.

With over one hundred years of manufacturing experience in the transformer industry, BRUSH Transformers are the largest manufacturer of liquid filled power transformers based in the United Kingdom.

BRUSH Transformers supply a comprehensive range of transformers for a range of applications;

  • System transformers for the UK, overseas utility network operators and many private network operators
  • Generator step up transformers for use with; hydro-electric generation schemes, gas turbine generator stations and CHP plants
  • Grid connection transformers for wind generation schemes
  • Power transformers for industrial applications, traction systems, petrochemical projects, offshore oil and gas production facilities and special applications up to 132kV
  • Series current limiting reactors for industrial applications
  • Motor unit transformers for industrial applications and petrochemical plants
  • Rectifier transformers for traction systems.

Where required, BRUSH are also able to supply transformers with alternative cooling systems such as forced air cooled/forced oil cooled and water cooled using heat exchangers.

For 33kV systems BRUSH manufacture transformers using alternative cooling fluids such as Midel and FR3, where transformers are either located inside buildings giving rise to issues related to increase fire risk or where there are environmental concerns. For traction systems BRUSH are able to provide; 132/25kV traction supply transformers, 25-0-25kV auto transformers, 25kV 300Amp trackside booster transformers.

Noise levels
BRUSH offers Transformers that are capable of emitting low noise levels. By utilising the latest electrical steel material and manufacturing techniques, the noise levels can be attenuated to low levels, which is particularly important in built up areas.

No-Load Losses
The overall lifetime cost of a transformer is related to the losses generated by the unit. The no-load losses apply throughout the year and BRUSH has a wide range of electrical steels grades available to minimise the losses generated by the core to reduce the capitalised cost.

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