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Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boiler



B&W's bubbling fluid bed (BFB) technology is ideal for repowering an existing facility, recovery boiler conversions, or when changing fuel or firing techniques of an existing power boiler. Typical fuels include primary and secondary sludge, bark and woodwaste, coal and tire derived fuel.  BFB boilers are especially well-suited for the waste fuels found at paper mills.

Converting an old recovery or stoker-fired boiler can provide a significant increase in steam production for a fraction of the cost of a new boiler.  BFBs can burn a wide range of fuels, require less maintenance and offer environmental benefits such as low NOx and SO2 emissions and the reduction of landfill requirements in those cases where mill byproducts can be consumed as fuel.

B&W uses the original, 100 percent open-bottom BFB design, which is ideal for burning fuels containing large pieces of non-combustible material such as rocks and scrap metal that require an unhindered means of removal from the furnace.

Other design benefits include:

  • Fuel flexibility
  • High efficiency
  • Low environmental emissions
  • Reduced capital and operating expenses

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