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Heavy duty applications: For heavy duty applications most furnaces are equipped with a hard wearing chamber hearth and higher rated heating elements for faster heat up and longer lifetime.

Production furnaces

Production furnaces up to 3000°C can be built to meet the customer’s process requirements. These may include continuous production, fast loading and unloading or quality control. To minimise the loss of time during cool down production furnaces are often fitted with two hearth plates, or two retorts, which are interchangeable. During the cooling of one hearth the other hearth can be loaded. Please provide your process requirements in your inquiry.

Loading of heavy loads

Manual or automated loading trolleys are available on request. Please refer to the section “Advanced loading concepts”.

Annual service contracts

To avoid unplanned down time of the furnace an annual service is recommended. Depending on the customer’s requirements annual service contracts are available.

  • Custom designed elevator hearth furnace up to 1300°C for industrial production
  • Custom designed retort furnace for carbonisation in an argon atmosphere with 1 cubic metre working volume. Inconel retort with 1100°C maximum temperature and forced cooling system to allow a 24 hour cycle time. Dual hinged retort door arrangement. Supplied with electric stacker truck and graphite pallet system.
  • Custom designed top hat furnace with twin bell retorts and digital six channel data logger
  • Moving wall coke test oven up to 1300°C for 227 kg load
  • Custom designed twin bogie elevator hearth furnace, up to 1700°C, for sintering boron nitride ceramic parts
  • Custom designed three chamber vertical shaft oven for the aerospace industry

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