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- Gas Turbine Single Cycle Exhaust Duct Systems



Simple cycle gas turbine operation is a fast and reliable way to provide flexible power demand at short notice, and we provide a range of solutions that support effective cyclic operation and the changes in thermal load which are part of the frequent start and stop cycles. Each Peerless-Aarding brand Gas Turbine Single Cycle Exhaust Duct System design is constructed for internal stud spacing, stud size, and liner plate thickness, to ensure the best operational conditions and unit lifetime. Our extensive experience and lab and field measurements allow us to deliver premium quality cycle exhaust systems with optimum performance to fit your specified requirements.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Long service lifetime
  • High effectiveness and reliability with custom designs

  • State of the art solutions
  • Sections of the system or the complete exhaust system can be provided, including on-site erection and commissioning

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