• Power range :95 kW to 20.000 kW
  • Fuel:natural gas and LPG, process gases, extra light fuel oil (diesel), heavy fuel oil, brown coal, hard coal, and Production waste (gaseous, fluid or solid)
  • Supply line temperature:up to 300°C (400°C with suitable heat transfer medium
  • Auxiliary equipment: combustion air pre-heater for efficiency improvement

All products from NESS are thermodynamically optimised and are characterised by high efficiency and excellent heat transfer to the thermal oil. The combustion chambers are generously dimensioned and sufficiently long. The flame can thus burn fully, and the emission values remain very low for all fuel types. Special attention is paid during the design to produce a low, oil-preserving film temperature.

The use of high-quality fire-resistant materials with long service life and low heat capacity avoids the need for an emergency power supply. The permissible supply temperature may be increased from 320°C to up to 400°C, depending on the application and thermal oil used. Particularly noteworthy is the special design of the coil inside the NESS heater, ensuring thermal expansion with low stress. A cooled furnace with an especially large chamber is used for fine-particle/dust fuels.

High quality auxiliary components from renowned manufacturers and a user-friendly interface, with all of the necessary safety regulations already implemented, guarantee safe operation and high availability.

Manufacturing and acceptance closely follows european regulations and certification. The safety standards equal DIN 4754, VDI-regulation 3033, VDE 0100, accident prevention regulations, and EN 292.

Next to the european regulations it is possible to construct and certify systems to conform to other certifications and local regulations such as ASME, CSA, Chinese Import Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Quality License, Gost and Rostechnadzor (for Russia and Ukraine) etc.

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