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- Model PE-GT-RC & PE-Xc-GT - Energy Piles



Concrete building elements may not always be used only as a carrier or architectural elements. Concrete can be used as a battery or conductor of heat. Particularly in Austria and Germany in recent years, concrete elements connected to the soil used for efficient heating and cooling systems. Installation of heat exchanger can be done only during construction of buildings. Supplementing existing concrete surfaces of the heat exchanger is no longer possible.

The increase in costs for the corresponding structural elements is low, relatively. Efficiency lies mainly in the fact they are created only such components that must be created at the end. It eliminates additional work, such as drilling or installation well known from geothermal area e.g. laying of earth collectors or probes.

As regards the implementation of the construction in a relatively large scale, it is important to protect the investment that will be used for piping systems in accordance with the planned building.

The company Gerodur offers geothermal piping systems intended for energy pillar in two different qualities design:

  • GEROtherm geothermal pipes PE-GT-RC(high point load and resistance to crack propagation)
  • GEROtherm geothermal pipes PE-Xc-GT(the highest point load and resistance to crack propagation due to cross linked pipe)

Pipe made of physically crosslinked polyethylene (PE-Xc) has a big advantage against pipe made of chemically crosslinked polyethylene (PE-Xa). This adventure consists in the neutrality of ground water as well as in a higher thermal conductivity.

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