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- Geothermal Pipe System



The GEROtherm  is a geothermal pipe system based on polyethylene (PE) that fulfills the wishes of the heat absorption, resp. its optimal releasing. Due to the complexity of geothermal plants as well as influencing the effectiveness of all installed components, all intalled system components have been matched in terms of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics each other.

  • complete plastics system (no corrosion)
  • monitoring of high durability testing of all components (100 years) SKZ HR3.26 and certified acc. to (A278)
  • consistent quality control of all components
  • base of geothermal probe welded by producer during its production
  • cold, warm and shock impact resistance (temperature ranges -30 ° C to 70 ° C) depending on a system
  • optimal security in relation to pollution of a soil (drinking water)
  • patented probe base
  • low hydraulic resistance > 10mbar (VDI 4640)
  • easy to assemble of modular system with electric welding or clamping connections
  • incl. tools

Our geothermal systems GEROtherm are suitable for a use of geothermal energy or draining (accumulation) of excess heat into the ground. It can be used vertical or horizontal piping systems. Distinguish geothermal probes, ground collectors, collectors / distributors and energy pillars. One of the main tasks of geothermal pipe is certain return on investment. Materials must be able to withstand demanding installation in rock mass at a depth of > 100 m. For production of these systems we use plastic pipes made of PE 100 + / PE-RC / PE-RT and PE-Xc, which optimally meet the requirements for heat exchange. Depending on the requirements relating to the installation procedures, equipment type and temperature levels you can choose components from different materials.

In this area, we are fully available for customers thanks to our knowledge and experience ranging from design to implementation of the project.

Geothermal energy» is the energy saved in the form of heat under the earth’s surface. Im-mense amount of heat is stored inside the earth, whose origin is in the naturally radioactive iso-tope from the time of the formation (approx. 30-50%) on the one hand and due to the disintegra-tion energy (approx. 50-70%). Temperatures of over 6000°C should exist in the core of the earth. 99% of our planet is hotter than 1000°C. The heat content of the earth would cover the present energy requirements of our world for 30 million years.

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