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For decades, the name Godwin Pumps has been synonymous with quality pumps, backed by the best customer service in the industry. Now our Power generator line with the same commitment to quality and service you’ve come to expect from Godwin Pumps completes our offerings for all your site needs. Our technicians are always on call, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a- week. And our commitment to be the best doesn’t stop there. Parts are always in stock and available, day or night. With branch and distributor locations nationwide, there’s always a Godwin representative close by and ready to help you.

  • Easy push button programming for preheating of glow plugs, range of low fuel shutdown, and service schedule
  • Monitors, protects, and controls engine and generator operations with automatic warning and shutdown features
  • Universal control panel for all models provides easy and cost effective field interchangeablility
  • Remote starting capabilities allow the generator to be used for emergency standby power systems
  • Oversized generator provides maximum power for single motor starting kVA and longer bearing and insulation life
  • Voltage selector switch allows power to lugs to be set in single phase or various three phase settings and incorporates padlockable switch for safety
  • Buck transformer provides useable single phase power to convenience outlets during three phase operation
  • Heavy duty sound attenuated aluminum enclosure with stainless steel hardware provides quiet operation, 68 dBA at 23 feet, and rust-free weather protection
  • Padlockable cabinet doors and fuel cap offer protection against unauthorized entry
  • Godwin Power generators team up conveniently with all Godwin electric powered equipment including Dri-Prime®, Heidra®, and Sub-Prime pumps
  • Emergency stop switch – external mounting for quick access when the generator doors are locked
  • Conveniently located external oil and coolant service drains for easy routine maintenance
  • Single point lifting bale allows for easy onsite rigging
  • Opening lug box door automatically trips mainbreaker disengaging power to lug box

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