Hydrogen Gas Reforming Furnaces



These are static cilyndrical furnaces suited to pyrolize waste with high caloric content into poor gas containing hydrogen (hydrogen gas), which, after being submitted to the cleaning process, can be utilized directly into 'OTTO' cycle motors , specially designed for hydrogen gases, to produce electric energy from renewable sources according to the italian D.M. 'Bersani' nr.79/99 (green bonds); further with addition of a gas-reforming phase, converting CO into CO2 at 500°C, it is possible to improve the system and to extract from the pyrolisis gas pure hydrogen and pure carbon dioxide fractions, by means of an ultra filtration section; in this case the produced hydrogen can be gathered as it is to 'fuel cells' in order to produce green electric energy with high efficiency grade (>50%). 

The phases of this process are still subjected to improvement studies and to technical tests by our technical personnel and some important details are covered by patents.  

For further information please link to our e-mail connection through the index page.  

These plants are studied for the moment only in nr.4 sizes listed below.  

The design of the plant must be carried out each time through our strict control and so the data reported below are only indicative.

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