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- Model QHP - Photovoltaic Module



The photovoltaic modules Invent QHP are produced in Italy, under certified quality by an automated line of high production capacity. The solar module Invent QHP is recognised for the exceptional quality of workmanship and its components. QHP modules are supplied with only positive tolerance (0 / + 6%). Invent modules will, in any case, produce the same or more energy than the declared one, with consequent advantages for purchasers.

  1. 60 photovoltaic cells (class A) in the polycrystalline silicon
  2. Layers EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)
  3. Base polyester (PYE)
  4. Aluminum frame
  5. High light transmittance- solar prismatic tempered glass- 4 mm trick
  6. Treatment NanoClean

Power is guaranteed:

  • the first year to 97.5%,
  • the 12th year> / = 90%,
  • the 25th year> / = 82% of the power.

Invent recognizes 12 years product warranty for construction defects and materials, extendable to 25 years.

  • The modules Invent are treated with a special nanotechnological process for maintaining the cleanliness of the panel in time.
  • The treatment gives surfaces the permanent property of “thicken” the dirt or limestone favoring periodic cleaning.
  • In the pictures you can see the difference in behavior of water and limestone on the surface treated with nanotechnology.

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