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gas fire equipment

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    ACME - Model GS Series - Gas Fired Steam Superheaters

    ACME Steam Superheaters are available for operating pressures of up to 800 PSIG and temperatures up to 1200 deg. F. Steam flow is only limited by practical size considerations. Pressure sections are built to ASME code with National Board or CRN registration. Burners are AGA or CGA listed with UL, CSA or other gas train standards as requested or ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Boilers Product line

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    Expansion Joints for Gas-Fired Power

    Expansion joints are used to provide a point of flexibility in flue ducts, and to relieve stress caused by system movement. Our Peerless-Aarding brand Expansion Joints for Gas-Fired Power are designed with the latest advancements in engineering and materials technology, delivering high quality solutions to fit your specific application needs. Our ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from CECO Aarding - Expansion Joints Product line

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    VariMax - Indirect-Fired Recirculating Gas (IFRG) Heaters

    VariMax IFRG combines Des Champs Products heat-exchanger design with indirect heating technologies to deliver contaminant-free process air with very high efficiency. Recirculation of the combustion gases allows the heater to attain an efficiency of 90%, 1,000°F (555°C) temperature rise, 1,200°F (649°C)  discharge temperature, ...

    By Munters based in Amesbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Heaters Product line

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    CECO CCA - Low-NOx Burners (LNB)

    Through years of experience and knowledge, we have patented innovative technologies designed to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions for new or existing coal, oil, and gas fired boilers. Our CCA brand Low-NOx Burners (LNB) are configured to stabilize the combustion process and allow the unit to be operated at lower excess O2 by utilizing a flame ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from CECO CCA Combustion Systems Product line

  • zg - Model WNS - GAS FIRED BOILER

    Widely used in chemical industry, plastics industry, coatings and automotive industries, bitumen industry, construction equipment industry, shipbuilding industry, apparel clothing, washing, ironing, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food industry, sauna and beauty, hotels, restaurants, sports, fitness and other places where need energy.

    By Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. (ZBG) based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Gas Fired Oven

    Epcon creates energy efficient ovens that are gas direct fired and can be customized to your particular specifications. Epcon Industrial Ovens are renowned for their quality. We can accommodate any order for Gas Fired Ovens, Drying Ovens, Curing Ovens, or Powder Coating Ovens.

    By Epcon Industrial Systems, LP based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA). from Industrial Ovens Product line

  • AQUA-GAS - Model WB-H - Gas Fired Heater

    Aether DBS keeps up with the latest technology concerning vaporizers. Our gas fired vaporizers have optimal designs to take on any range of capacities. In this line of products is our Aqua-Gas LPG vaporizer, which in the past 30 years has proven to be safe, efficient and highly desired product. The gas fired LPG vaporizer operates for any ...

    By Aether DBS, LLC based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Heaters- LPG Vaporization Product line

  • Flamefast - Model LN1000 - Gas Fired Kiln

    A popular semi muffle gas fired kiln for both the professional and student user. The LN1000 provides controlled heat up to a maximum temperature in excess of 1000°C. The constant heat input combined with space-age insulation produces a stable operating temperature with minimum gas usage. Designed for use with natural gas or low pressure ...

    By Flamefast based in Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hot Metal & Foundry - Kilns Product line

  • CataStak - Gas-Fired Turbines

    Similar to other combustion processes, the primary pollutants of gas turbines include NOx and CO. For turbines with heat recovery, the exhaust temperature can drop below 300°F. With those factors in mind, it only made sense that Nationwide Boiler developed CataStak™ SCR system technology for gas turbine applications.

    By Nationwide Boiler Inc. based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Lower Emissions - Environmental Solutions Product line

  • Gas Fired Kilns Systems

    The price for natural gas has come down tremendously and is expected to stay that way for a long time. Competition has driven the price of compressed natural gas and propane down significantly too. That means that gas has become a low cost alternative to heat your kiln. In some areas with high electric rates even more economical than our ...

    By Nyle Systems based in Brewer, MAINE (USA). from Lumber Kiln Drying Product line

  • Gas-fired Power Plants

    Interest in gas-fired technology is in part based on its high-potential efficiency, which has risen from 52% to close to 60% over the last 20 years. Another asset is the ability to switch from base load to cycling in order to support electrical grids.

    By TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING S.A. based in Brussels, BELGIUM. from Energy - Thermal Product line

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    ACME - Model C-520 Series - Electric Hot Water Boilers

    Acme electric boilers are economical units that deliver maximum kilowatts in minimum space requirements. Ideal for new boiler applications or as a replacement unit to upgrade existing applications. This model takes up less floor area and fits through smaller openings than oil or gas-fired units. Easy and economical to install, available in sizes ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Boilers Product line

  • ThermConcept - Gas-Fired Furnace Systems

    Furnaces for various applications. Superb heat treatment results. Low power consumption due to multilayer refractory lining with best insulation properties. Proprietary burner systems with large perfor-mance range, specially designed to match the furnace, optimised for low power consumption. Automatic control of furnace atmosphere to prevent ...

    By Thermconcept GmbH based in Bremen, GERMANY. from Heat Treatment of Metals Product line

  • Model Ø54 - Gas Fired Igniters Tube

    Ignition of main burners in furnaces, boilers, power plants and incinerators.

    By Smitsvonk Holland B.V. - a member of the Durag Group based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS. from SMITSVONK Gas Igniters Product line

  • Cire Technologies - Gas Fired Indirect Heaters

    Cire Technologies designs and fabricates complete gas fired, indirect heaters for heated process air.  These heaters are used to marry the low cost of heating with natural gas with the requirements of the process to avoid process air contact with a burner.  Typical applications include silicone coating dryers and clean room processes. ...

    By Cire Technologies, Inc. based in Mountain Lakes, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Ancillary Equipments Product line

  • Phoenix - Gas Fired Water Heater

    The Phoenix is a highly efficient and extremely versatile gas fired water heater. It is manufactured with super durable stainless steel materials to last longer and provide optimum heat transfer. It is up to 96% efficient with a five to one turndown, making it Energy Star rated and a great choice for your heating needs.

    By HTP based in New Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Gas Series - Water Heating Product line

  • ZG Boiler - Industrial Gas Fired Boiler

    Industrial gas fired boiler is developed by ZG cooperated with German technician, the technical indicators have reached the world advanced level, also in the leading level of domestic boiler industry. WNS gas fired boiler, including gas fired hot water boiler and gas fired steam boiler. ZG Horizontal WNS gas fired boiler is equipped with the ...

    By Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Steam Boiler Product line

  • Tenaris - Gas Fired Power Plants

    Combined cycle gas-fired power stations work on the basis of a gas and steam cycle. Part of the electric power is produced by a gas turbine directly connected to an alternator. Since exhaust gases leave the turbine at very high temperatures, the energy that otherwise would be lost is recovered through a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). The ...

    By Tenaris based in Luxembourg, FRANCE. from Power Generation Product line

  • Control Panels For Gas & Fire Monitoring

    The three models in the Gasmaster range all provide two levels of rising or falling alarms for each channel; individual fault and alarm indicators; outputs for annunciators, shutdowns, dedicated audible/visual alarm drive and datalogging; AC and DC power options, and battery backup.

    By Detection Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd. based in Navi Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Delta - Gas-Fired Shield Unit Heaters

    With their 5-year warranty, our Shield gas-fired heaters have 2-1/2 times the warranty of the competition. Which makes them a longer lasting, more durable, and more reliable source of safe, efficient, and economical heating for you. The GF Heater offers you stainless steel construction to withstand moisture and chemicals, a tubular heat exchanger ...

    By Delta T Solutions based in Temecula, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Greenhouse Heat Sources Product line

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