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Transformer Oil equipment

  • Sequoia - Technology for Transformer Oil Recycling

    Sequoia’s hydrogenation technology almost completely destroys carcinogenic organic chlorine compounds often present in waste transformer oils.

    By Sequoia Global, Inc. based in Carson City, NEVADA (USA).

  • Transformer Oil Purifier,Insulation Oil Recycling plant

    Usage:This machine mainly used to recycle unqualified new oil, imported oil and super HV transformer oil, particularly applied in large scale 110KV transport voltage device and the national transformer substations.Features;1. Add Roots Pump supercharge system and secondary high vacuum separation dehydration and degasification system on the basis ...

  • Brush - Power Transformers

    BRUSH Transformers is globally renowned for the quality of its products, innovation and service. Our markets include the utility, oil, petrochemical, coal, steel and rail industries worldwide. We focus on working with our clients to provide solutions tailored to meet their exact requirements. We design and manufacture to many British, European and ...

    By Brush Group based in Loughborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Transformers Product line

  • Model SH15 series - Oil Filled Amourphous Metal Distribution Transformers

    Transformers Series SH15 are energy-saving and full hermetically sealed oil-filled distribution transformers, which contents a wound core of nano-crystalline amorphous glass metal band with a thickness of 20 μ / m – up to 30 μ / m and a low-voltage winding of aluminum foil and a high voltage coil of aluminum wire.

    By Sunrise Power Transformers GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Transformers - Oil Filled Transformers Product line

  • Model SFLBH series - Oil Filled Amourphous Metal Distribution Transformers

    The SFLBH transformer is an energy-saving and hermetically sealed oil-filled distribution transformer, which is a wound core made of nanocrystalline amorphous glass metal band and two up to four separate Low Voltage coils of aluminum foil and a high-voltage winding of aluminum wire manufactured jointly in an oil tank. The transformer can be ...

    By Sunrise Power Transformers GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Transformers - Oil Filled Transformers Product line

  • AKASMART - Model PSP 3055 RPT - Electrical Insulation for Oil Transformers

    The reliability of oil transformers is largely determined by the quality of the insulation materials used. The insulation materials must be able to reliably withstand the numerous mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical and climatic loads during production as well as in operation. KREMPEL offersthe suitable materials for all insulation ...

    By KREMPEL GmbH based in Vaihingen/Enz, GERMANY. from Electrical Insulation Product line

  • Transformer Protector

    The TP is activated within 0.5 to 20 milliseconds, depending on arc location and transformer size, by the first dynamic pressure peak of the shock wave, avoiding transformer explosions before static pressure increases.

    By SERGI Transformer Protector based in Achères, FRANCE.

  • Model TSN SERIES - Wind Power Transformers

    CELME produces transformers for wind-energy application from several years and provide two series of liquid filled transformers suitable for on-shore and off-shore wind power plants.

    By Celme s.r.l. based in Montebello, ITALY.

  • PentoMag - Neutralises Sulfuric Acid Plant

    Magnesium-based additives increase efficiency of the boiler while neutralising sulfuric acid fouling and corrosion.In the combustion chamber, vanadium pentoxide deposits are eliminated by PentoMag by forming magnesium vanadates with a high melting point. The vanadium pentoxides cannot serve as catalyst for the transformation of SO2 to SO3 anymore.

    By Pentol-Enviro AG based in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Fuel Oil Fired Plants Product line

  • GuardMagic - Model DLLS1 - Fuel and Oil Level Sensor

    Fuel and Oil level sensor GuardMagic DLLS1 is intended for precission fuel and oil level measurement in vehicle, fuel, oil and road tanker monitoring systems, fuel storages, diesel generators, power transformers etc.

    By GuardMagic based in Riga, LATVIA. from Fuel Storage Tanks Monitoring Product line

  • Model GC-BF-S50 - Bioester For Biofuel And Heating Oil Formulations

    S50 is a bioester derived from natural oils which is compatible with diesel / FAME blends. S50 is structurally similar to FAME. It is composed of natural free fatty acids identical to the ones found in FAME. The only chemical difference is that S50 contains a glycerol monoalcohol instead of methanol.

    By IUCT based in Mollet del Vallès, SPAIN.

  • Premium

    Ready Containment - Fuel Bladder Tanks

    Ready Fuel Bladders are Ideal for Storage of *Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Transformer Oil, and More. Ready Containment, LLC. Manufactures Fuel Bladders from a few liters up to  210,000 US Gallons that are more compact and portable than hard steel or plastic tanks. Custom Bladders, Marine or Boat Bladders and Military Bladders are our specialty.

    By Ready Containment, LLC based in Palmetto, FLORIDA (USA). from Fuel Storage Products Product line

  • Fire and Explosion Retardant Walls

    For electrical transformers according to standard NF C 13-200, oil rigs, nuclear facilities, etc.

    By GMT International based in Avignon, FRANCE. from Fire Extinguishing Systems Product line

  • JSC ELEM - Thermal Plants

    Thermo energetic recourses are also known as fossil according to the way of evolving. Coal, oil and oil shales belong to this group. They are not renewable electric power recourses that are spent irreversibly. Obtaining of electricity in thermo power plants is conducted with transformation of the fossil fuels – coal, oil, gas in electricity.

    By JSC ELEM (Macedonian power plants) based in Skopje, MACEDONIA.

  • Moghi - Sustainable Chemistry Technology

    The MOGHI project aims at complementing Biochemtex research on conversion of lignocellulosic feedstock, by investigating the possible routes to transform lignin co-product produced at the Crescentino plant, into higher value molecules and/or products with already consolidated existing markets. An example of the resulting products achieved through ...

    By Biochemtex Spa based in Tortona (AL), ITALY.

  • Power Partners - Low Voltage Spark Gap

    An internal low voltage spark gap has been developed as a means of protection for distribution transformers against secondary side surges. The Electric Utility Industry has been concerned about transformer failures attributed to secondary surges, although the failure rate is estimated to be less than 0.5% per year. The entire subject is very ...

    By Power Partners, Inc. based in Athens, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Model T/Guard-2B - Smart Grid Monitoring System

    The Neoptix T/Guard-2B is a full featured smart grid ready multichannel fiber optic system for high voltage and transformer hot spot temperature measurement

    By Neoptix Canada LP based in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Signal Conditionners Product line

  • Dilana - Wood Pellets Production

    Wood pellets are a renewable and nature-friendly biological fuel material, the energy of which  is turned into heat energy as a result of a chemical transformation: burning.

    By Dilana based in Pramezys,, LITHUANIA.

  • Wartsila - Model 18V46 - 105 MW Wartsila HFO Power Plant

    105 MW Wartsila HFO Power Plant(7) 15.143 MW Wartsila 18V46 Four stroke, Direct Injected, Turbo Charged Heavy Fuel Engines and Generators, Commissioned 2001, 11000 V, 50 HZ, Engines were overhauled and have run between 400 hrs to 9000 hrs. Next overhaul is at 3000 to 11500 hours( depending on the engine) (3) Waste Heat Recovery Boilers:, Cooling ...

    By Brown Energy Group Inc based in Fort Lauderdale , FLORIDA (USA).

  • Wartsila - Model 20SV34SG - 70 MW Wartsila Cogeneration Power Plant

    70 MW Wartsila Cogeneration Power PlantThis a complete plant that has Total Power:70840 K, Total Hot Water production :360 ton/hTotal Steam :35 ton/h, (6) six Wartsila Natural Gas and Dual Fuel Generator sets (4) 8730 kW Wartsila 20SV34SG Natural Gas Generator Sets, Year 2006 to 2009, 15000 to 40000 hours (2) 16650 KW Wartsila 50 DF Generator ...

    By Brown Energy Group Inc based in Fort Lauderdale , FLORIDA (USA).

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