Advanced Energy

Model LFGS - Mid-Frequency Generator Tailored for Plasma Processing



The versatile, variable-frequency LFGS generator (1250 W, 40 to 500 kHz) suits a wide variety of semiconductor and general plasma-processing applications, including sputtering, reactive ion etching, plasma deposition, polymerization, and surface treatment. Its compact 19', rack-mountable, air-cooled package eases installation and saves valuable space. With a half-bridge, class-D amplifier design, the LFGS power supply enables the lowest reflected power commercially available.

  • Wide-output frequency range
  • Compact design
  • Flexible communication protocol

  • Support a wide variety of applications
  • Access the lowest reflected power commercially available
  • Easily install
  • Efficiently use valuable space

  • Variable frequency
  • Air cooling
  • Enhanced operating menu  
  • Active front panel
  • Pulse mode (0 to 10 kHz) CEX operation mode 2 analog user ports
  • RS-232, Ethernet, and Profibus communication

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