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Model A Series - High Voltage Power Supplies



Precision DC-to-DC Regulated Supplies for Electrostatic Detectors, Mass Spectrometers, and Photomultiplier Tubes. Advanced Energy’s UltraVolt A series of regulated DC-to-DC biasing supplies provides reliable, general-purpose high voltage power for many applications.

  • Maximum Output Voltage/Power: 40 kV DC/30 W
  • Type: Single output
  • Ripple: To 100 ppm
  • Control Interface: Analog
  • Temperature Coefficient: To 25 ppm/⁰C

The UltraVolt A series includes 15 models ranging from 62 to 40,000 VDC of maximum high voltage power in single-output positive or negative polarities. PCB or chassis-mounted, A series modules deliver up to 30 W of power from 12 or 24 VDC inputs. Precisely control and monitor high voltage output and current with one of several available analog interfaces. And meet your specific application needs with customizable mechanical and electrical performance options.

  • Save cost and space by selecting only the high voltage capabilities needed
  • Speed time-to-market by simplifying controls integration
  • Improve response and control of high voltage output and current
  • Expand mechanical integration, external RF protection, and interconnection possibilities
  • Increase system repeatability, resolution, and long-term reliability

  • Configurable high voltage output, power and polarity
  • Available 0 to 5 VDC or 0 to 10 VDC (full-scale) analog interfaces
  • Control and monitoring of high voltage output and current
  • Wide selection of electrical, shielding and mechanical integration options
  • Ripple performance as low at 100 ppm

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