Dynapower Company, LLC.

Model CPS-2000 - 2000 KW Utility Scale Energy Storage Inverter



For 600 VAC class grid connected battery energy storage applications, Dynapower Company offers its Compact Power Systems™ (CPS) family of utility grade, bi-directional, true four-quadrant, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled inverter/converters. Dynapower’s flexible and highly modular CPS optimizes the transfer of energy between a DC energy storage system and a three-phase grid. The CPS provides power conditioning (voltage and frequency support) for intermittent loads and renewable generation. Systems are available in indoor and outdoor configurations.

The CPS integrates system cooling, controls and a full complement of switchgear and protection including an AC circuit breaker, AC contractors, AC & DC Fusing, DC load break contractors, a DC manual isolation switch into a single, heavy duty industrial enclosure. This offers end users and energy storage integrators a cost advantage when compared to non-integrated systems that require additional add-on items.


  • Frequency Regulation
  • Peak Reduction


Dynamic Transfer™ — Dynapower’s proprietary algorithm monitors the grid stability and upon detecting a grid disturbance will disconnect from the grid connection and transition to stand-alone mode on the load connection. The transition is seamless to the critical loads and supports full load imbalances.

  • Integrated AC Breaker with Shunt Trip
  • Integrated DC Disconnect
  • Integrated DC Input Fuses
  • Integrated Cooling System
  • Black Start

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