Model HPKI-K 180-550 - Under Feed Firing Systems



The underfeed firing technology is a cost-effective construction for industrial requirements. HPKI-K systems are suitable for wood-like fuels with a moisture content of up to W40.

  • Under feed firing with combustion retort of heat
  • resistant steel, including ash grate bars in heat-resistant cast alloy
  • The primary and secondary air are regulated by means of individual air dampers. Output regulation by flue gas temperature, lambda reading, combustion chamber temperature and boiler temperature
  • Ceramic lining of high heat-resistant concrete
  • Combustion chamber door with double hinges in the front wall of the combustion chamber for inspection and service as well as service door below the grate.
  • De-ashing at the end of the grate designed for fully automatic ash discharge
  • IBS-tested cell wheel

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