- Air Driven Heat Exchanger Cleaning System


The PUTZMAUS is designed and built in Austria and sold world wide since many years. 01 Putzmaus complete kitt in an aluminium case Its pneumatic powered stainless steel brushes clean tubes from 27 mm up to 280 mm.The brushes do not rotate they move forward and backward.  By this they do not scratch the boiler tubes, but clean very effective and fast.The Putzmaus® (in English = Cleaning Mouse) is extreme solid and made of high alloy-stainless-steels and of titanium.

The Putzmaus® is an important article to service boilers. Especially those boilers fueling wood, straw, miscanthus, wastes, tallow, heavy oil etc.  It helps to let your boiler run more efficient and it reduces repair costs. There are many devices used already in Ireland also at several plants ranging from 120 kW up to 13 MW tallow fueled steam generators and at many other sites such as joineries, farms, rendering plants.

It fulfills all European security standards, it stops automatically when it returns back to its starting point. Its three pistons guarantees an extreme vibration free running and the exhaust air is blown to the front and avoid penetrating of dust into its moving parts.

What makes the Putzmaus® so unique:

  1. The Putzmaus® travels in the pipe forward and backward andstops fully automaticallywhen it reaches the operator’s side
  2. Automatic stopping is an important part of a prerequisite to fulfil the TÜV and the European safety standards because hand- or foot controlled pipe cleaning unitscan drop down and cause severe injuries of the operator. The Putzmaus® however fulfils all standards.
  3. Three pistons operating in a sinus function keep the Putzmaus® almost vibration-free in the operator’s hand. A one piston system causes much stronger vibrations and reduces its life time.
  4. The pistons and sleeves of the Putzmaus® are manufactured in a special workshop of highest precision and made of Titanium and are specially tempered for extreme hardness. Therefore there are no piston rings necessary. By this less air is required than by systems with piston rings. This also guarantees a higher shelf life and no rings need to be replaced.
  5. The Putzmaus® is equipped with a special air exhaust system blowing the air and with the air the dust in front of the Putzmaus reducing the dust on the operator’s side. There are no bore holes around the cylinders through which abrasive dust particles can penetrate and affect them and the pistons.
  6. Last but not least: The Putzmaus® is well priced in comparison to many other pipe cleaning systems.

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