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- Model SWT-3KW - Home Use Wind Turbine

3KW home use wind turbine and variable pitch wind turbine are the most widely used and miniature wind turbines in wind-solar hybrid (complementary) system. It can form a 4KW-5KW wind and solar hybrid (complementary) system with 1 kW and 2 kW power of solar panels. The power of this production is enough for ordinary families. For example, if your local average wind speed is 5m/s (the bigger of the wind speed, the better).

The local average daily sunshing intensity is 6 hours, so you can get total power 5kw. Optical hybrid system (3 kW wind + 2 kW solar) can obtain wind energy on average daily: 18KWH, solar energy from photovoltaic system is 12KWH on average daily, so the total power generation of 18KWH + 12KWH = 30KWH per day can be obtained on average, and the total power generation of 30KWH/daily*30days = 900KWH/Month can be produced in one month. This is absolutely enough, whether off-grid system or grid-connected/grid on system both two all can get the total amount of electricity generated.

In China, our average household electricity consumption is 150 KWH per month, and 1 KWH needs to pay 0.52-0.62 RMB/KWH (household), 0.9-1.8 RMB/KWH (industrial electricity). Then a household needs to pay about 100 RMB per month. If it is commercial or industrial electricity, it needs to pay more, at least 360-500 RMB per month, under one year. The cost is about 5000-6000RMB, which is more expensive. If you buy a 5-kilowatt wind-solar hybrid (complementary) system, which takes about 30,000 RMB = 4500 usd, you can completely save the cost of electricity this month, and the excess electricity can be connected to the grid to achieve higher returns. The system has a 20-year service life, so you don't have to worry about electricity in the next 20 years. Of course, you need to find a reliable supplier to provide you with high-quality wind and solar hybrid (complementary) systems. Here's a look at the technical parameters of SENWEI's SWT-3kw variable pitch wind turbine.

  • Rotor diameter: 5.0m
  • Blades quantity: 3pcs
  • Direction: always upwind
  • Blades material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Rated output: 3000W
  • Maximum output: 4000W
  • working voltage: DC120V/240V/400V,AC220V
  • Annual average energy production: 6900KWH (in rate 5m/s wind speed)
  • working wind speed: 3-30m/s
  • Initial wind speed: 2.5m/s
  • Nominal wind speed: 8.5m/s(28.6mph)
  • Storm-stand: up to 60m/s
  • Max rotate speed: 240r/min
  • Wind turbine type: Three-phase, PMG Alternator
  • Working temperature: from -40 to +60 C
  • Blade Pitch Control: Variable Pitch
  • Stop method: Positivity Blade Pitch, Brake by Manual
  • Speed regulation methods: Passivity Pitch
  • Gearbox: None, Direct Drive
  • Accumulators full charge time: about 8 hours

Variable Pitch Wind Generator
The variable pitch wind turbine generator adopts rotating speed of generator to control the angle changing of blade, as the changing of rotating speed, the blade twist the angle accordingly to change the aerodynamic characteristics of blade, controlling the rotating speed of the wind turbine generator, and changing the internal mechanism to get displacement , realizing generator constant power output. Before the turbine leave the factory, the controlling parameters of turbine pitches have been went through the strictly commissioning.

The feature of wind generator
Rotor: High-quality steel precision molding, blade is made of Reinforced Fiber Glass. High Flexural strength, high resistance to erosion and long service life.

Generator: Rotor drive directly. Low-speed permanent magnet synchronous generator, overload rate 150%
Speed adjusting performance: System control accuracy +10r/min, not overspeed when encounter gale. Rotor efficiency can reach 42%,noise level less than 65DB
Low-speed start: According to the wind condition, adjusting initial angle of blades and it can make the wind generator start at low speed , start wind speed 2mtr/s
Manual brake: Reliable manual brake institutions, it can achieve manually change the pitch and manual brake,convenient operation,shut down can be realized at any time.
Self-releasinghook: Collection ring releasinghook automatically,ensure cable without winding,double carbon brush structure to ensure power without transmission fault.
Adaptability: Application wind speed scope 3-30m/s, Convering the land common wind speeds.