Biodiesel and Glycerine Distillation Services


When producing Biodiesel from waste products, we cannot always guarantee that the end product will meet the EN14214 specification using our standard equipment. This is not because of our process, it is simply a reality with some low quality feedstock. But this does not mean that the Biodiesel standard cannot be achieved. IncBio has partnered with a worldwide leader in the manufacture of short path wiped film evaporators, and as such we are now able to offer highly efficient and cost effective Biodiesel distillation columns, which are able to ensure that the Biodiesel produced will not only consistently meet the standards, but also exceed them, meaning that even as the standards get ever stricter, our Biodiesel plants are always able to adapt to the new requirements and be at the forefront of quality Biodiesel production. 

Whether the problem is unreacted mono, di and triglycerides, polymerised triglycerides, or failure to meet the ASTM 6751 cold soak filtration test, our Biodiesel distillation columns are certain to resolve it.

The main by-product of Biodiesel production is glycerine. With the significant uptake of Biodiesel production seen in recent years, the marketplace has been flooded with this crude glycerine (approximately 80% purity). Initially this crude product could fetch decent prices in the market, but this is not the case anymore, currently only negligible prices are offered. But this by-product’s revenue generating potential should not be ignored.

It amounts to approximately 10% of the total Biodiesel produced, and with further refinement it can become a valuable addition to a Biodiesel plant’s profits. Additionally if it is not refined, this form of glycerine must either be disposed of to landfill, or be sold off to market for a minimal amount due to the water, soap and salt content.

The price volatility of glycerine, primarily caused by biodiesel production, has resulted in massive changes in the glycerine refining sector.  The demand for refined glycerine, technical grade and higher, has risen and is starting to stabilize. This is why IncBio has focused on providing glycerine refinement equipment, helping biodiesel plants turn a profit with their finished glycerine, whilst avoiding high disposal fees or negligible returns from their crude glycerine. 

By refining their glycerine to >97% purity, plants can now sell off their glycerine for a much higher return and create a new and very important revenue stream for their plant.

Refining glycerine to technical grade brings the following advantages to a biodiesel plant:
It makes the environmental permitting process much easier, by significantly reducing the waste stream
It considerably reduces the costs of waste disposal to landfill
It creates an additional revenue stream for the plant

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