Biomass for Business of Power Generation


'Biomass' is not a new concept to those in the business of power generation. It may, however, be a new idea to SME's and local firms looking to improve their fuel-efficiency and take steps towards making their busiesses carbon neutral. 'Biomass' is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms. When used to generate energy the term is often used to mean plant based material, but biomass can equally apply to both animal and vegetable derived material.

It is no longer technically difficult or preventatively expensive for your business to harness the financial savings and environmental benefits of Biomass power generation. Installing a Biomass boiler can be done without disrupting your normal business operation and the benefits almost immediate...


As a biomass specialist we offer an extensive range of high quality and high performance boilers, with a choice of sizes and fuel type. With boilers ranging from 9kW to over 200kW we can specify and design the perfect system for you.

In a world where we all need to reduce our dependence on fixed carbon fuel sources such as oil and gas, biomass is rapidly gaining popularity as it represents not only an environmentally friendly fuel source, but with the government incentives available it is also a sound financial investment.

  1. Fuel is loaded into the boiler, where it is burnt. As the amount of CO2 that is released back into the atmosphere is equal to that absorbed by the plant throughout its life, this is a completely carbon neutral process.
  2. The burning fuel directly heats the water in the boiler, which is used to fulfil your heating and hot water requirements.

Biomass Fuel
There is a wide variety of fuels available for biomass boilers, the most popular being wooden logs, pellets, or chips. Logs are the simplest form of biomass fuel, while pellets offer a similar level of control to an oil or gas burning boiler. The boilers themselves will monitor and regulate air supply, fuel transfer, and ignition to optimise efficiency at all times.


With the majority of installations, the biomass boiler would be situated inside your facility. We understand, though, that this cannot always be the case.


When space is an issue, we can install a self conatined unit - called the BioBox. A BioBox can be positioned over 100M away from the connection point without additional pumps being required. The Biobox will be designed and manufactured by our highly trained fabrication team who will build a bespoke containerized plant room offering a wide range of finishes to match the surroundings.

The Biobox can be tailored to suit specific needs such as top or side loading for fuel, external cladding, viewing windows and story boards for educational purposes and even cooperate branding for advertising.

At every stage of the design and manufacturing process we will be ensuring only the highest quality materials are used in order to provide a solution that is set to last the test of time along with the high quality equipment it houses.

The Biobox can be designed to contain everything from the boiler, accumulator, fuel storage room and control systems providing a simple solution that can then simply be integrated to the existing heating system. This solution also ensures that the down time of the heating system is kept to an absolute minimum and with the majority of the work carried out of site any disruption is also reduced dramatically.

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