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Buildings are a major and rapidly growing source of greenhouse gas emissions accounting for more than 40 percent of global energy used, and as much as one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are directly linked to decisions in our daily lives: how we power our homes and office directly affects how much greenhouse gases we emit. Yet, today, the building sector is largely missing out from the carbon market due to a scarcity of methodologies, undefined baselines, poor access to capital, and unequal benefit sharing.  There is vast potential to adopt better building and energy efficiency measures, and employ renewable energy sources to inexpensively lower emissions with strong social benefits.

Climate Focus is working to bring the benefits of carbon finance to the building and energy efficiency sectors. We are engaged in projects on the ground where we work with project deelopers to deelop suitable methodologies and bring carbon finance to indiidual projects. We also work with policy makers and legislators, informing the discussion about how carbon finance instruments can best accommodate the sector and pioneer noel approaches, particularly Programmes of Actiities  and sectoral strategies.

Climate Focus is supporting energy efficiency projects and research in the building sector across three continents. We are coninced that the future carbon market has to create incenties for emission reductions at a much larger scale than it does today.

We proide carbon asset deelopment and transaction serices for building and energy efficiency projects of all sorts. Our serices include:

  • Originating carbon projects
  • Assessing feasibility
  • Deeloping project idea notes and project design documents
  • Supporting alidation, registration and issuance of carbon credits
  • Conducting due diligences
  • Supporting the contracting emission reductions

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