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As fossil fuel prices skyrocket, electricity costs rise too.  In New England, we have a great energy resource available to us every day: the sun. Although our weather can be unpredictable, even our winter months bring many days of clear skies, making this area a great place for solar energy when there is open land facing south. At Prudent Living, converting that light and energy into power is our first priority. We want to conserve money for your business and provide smart energy solutions that preserve the environment. Today’s solar electric systems are dependable, economical and environmentally-friendly. Harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity is responsible and sensible–it’s prudent.

And, it’s good business; there are powerful incentives and pay-backs when your business switches to solar. Plus, customers like a company that’s being a good steward of the planet and its product. We estimate most businesses can save close to $40,000 a year by going solar. And, your investment will start making money for you in as few as four or five years, once the system pays for itself.  Think of the energy savings? Saving money is just another way of making money. Best of all, when others lose power after a storm, you’ll still have power; it’ll be business as usual for you. Prudent Living offers custom-built systems to provide you with energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact us. We’ll be glad to come review your site for solar power.

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