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Bridgestone Associates Ltd.

Design, Technical and Engineering Services


Careful design of facilities can be critical to the overall usage of energy and the costs of operations. Often designs are based on least cost or first cost criteria, taking little account of life-cycle and long-term energy related costs. The ability to understand existing or planned operations and to develop practical, cost effective and energy efficient designs is critical to long-term success of most facilities. The careful and experienced design of energy production facilities is also critical to their long-term cost of operations and their ability to perform in a competitive marketplace. Careful selection of new or replacement equipment, taking account of the desired operational requirements of the facility is also a key to long-term viability.

Bridgestone Associates provides a comprehensive range of facility design and re-design services for energy production and energy using facilities.

These services include:

  • Preliminary design and equipment selection of renewable energy, CHP, CCHP, cogeneration, IPP, waste-to-energy and bio-fuels facilities
  • Design of peak shaving and stand-by power systems
  • Design of chiller, boiler and central utility plants for commercial and industrial companies
  • Evaluation of existing production and utilities systems to determine suitability of design, potential efficiency improvements and design improvements to reduce energy consumption
  • Design of energy management and monitoring systems
  • Technical due diligence on planned or existing energy facilities prior to or during operations for investment or financing purposes

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